Moore: "No inkling" of next gen consoles, current cycle sales could be "biggest ever"

VG247: EA Sports president Peter Moore has told VG247 that he has yet to see sign of Sony, Nintendo or Microsoft working on next generation hardware, and that the current cycle has a "long runway".

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Anon19743462d ago (Edited 3462d ago )

The last two quarters, MS Entertainment showed a drop of 60% and 130% in profit despite having almost the same revenue compared to the same quarters one year ago. On MS's own site they claim the in 2 quarters was due primarily to increased spending on R&D.

But they're showing a drop of almost $400 million over the past two quarters. That can't be all R&D, and if it is, what are they working on? All they specify is $66 million spent on "Windows Mobile device platform" (and remember, this is just MS Entertainment we're talking about). Where'd the rest of the cash go?

jarhead9063462d ago

For all we know they could be planning a handheld gaming device to compete with the PSP(2). Although that doesn't seem to be as likely, considering they could just transform the Windows mobile device into what the iPhone is doing...

Do you know how much Microsoft spends on faulty hardware repair (RRoD, E74)? Certainly it wouldn't be as much as $400 million, but I'm sure it initially took out a hefty sum.

Instead of a an entirely new console, Microsoft might be planning a Slim 360 but with the Elite's hardware. There is definitely R&D going on for the next Xbox though. You can count on it.

Doctor_Doom3462d ago (Edited 3462d ago )

Do you have a link to support your numbers ?? or you got them form your @SS ???? Either way M$ is doing much better this Generation than $ony. I know RROD did cost M$ tons of money and I hope they Learned from this experience.

Glad to be A gamer not a hater

OGharryjoysticks3462d ago (Edited 3462d ago )

Your statement that MS is doing better than Sony this gen should be corrected. Sony is making money on video games, MS is not. Granted there was one quarter 3 quarters ago where MS actually posted a profit, but that has been followed by 2 consectutive losing quarters as usual. Now Sony supposedly has brought the PS3 close to even in terms of money it costs to sell, and they have the PS2 cashcow out there as well as the PSP which is why the videogame division over at Sony was one of the brighter spots for them this past quarter.

SoapShoes3462d ago

Moore doesn't know what he's talking about. Sony started work on PS3 before PS2 came out(albeit no huge production just concept stuff) and there's no doubt they started on PS4 when PS3 launched. I would expect the same for MS and Nintendo.

OGharryjoysticks3462d ago

If this is true I don't know whether to laugh or cry. On one hand I cry because that would mean bluray games being held back on content for who knows how long because of the 360 DVD limits. But then maybe I could laugh because the more ambitious developers might make more games PS3 exclusive. There are a few 3rd party PS3 exclusives coming later this year so maybe it's just the start of a trend.