IGN: Energizer Induction Charger Review

Compared to its high-definition media-touting competition, the Nintendo Wii has the largest and most diverse range of accessories of any current-gen gaming system. With the console approaching its three year anniversary and now with hundreds of accessories on the market, serving one function or another (or, in many cases, none at all), there are very few truly new and unique accessory designs and technologies left to be explored. One of the last untapped resources in Wii accessory design is induction technology, which, when used in Wiimote chargers, allows users to recharge their controllers without being forced to remove their protective silicone jackets. While the concept of wireless energy transfer is hardly new -- the concept's roots stretch back to as early as 1820 -- it has only recently begun to find applications in the gaming space. Only a few key manufacturers have realized the potential for induction technology in gaming accessory charging solutions, one of which is Performance Designed Products (PDP), who recently introduced a brand new induction charger under their exclusive Energizer license. Can an Energizer induction system bring the tried and true dependability of a trusted brand to the gaming space? Find out in our full review.

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