IGN: Nyko Wand Review

When it comes to Wii accessories, most third-party products are limited to Wiimote chargers, skins, cases, blaster attachments, and various strains of storage solutions, but Nyko has been one of the few companies to go out and create their own controller alternatives. In 2008, Nyko released their wireless Nunchuck alternative, the Kama, and then later last year they rolled out their take on Nintendo's Classic Controller accessory with the Wing. Back in January of this year at CES 2009, IGN Gear had an opportunity to check out their latest controller solution with the Nyko Wand, a fully-functional Wiimote alternative. We liked what we saw of the Wand, but now we've got it all to ourselves for serious evaluation. Can Nyko's Wiimote alternative live up to the original?

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