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Namco Bandai's new PS3 "exclusives" not so exclusive after all?

Joystiq's translator has the following to say:

- These likely aren't scans at all -- they're either mock-ups or leaked page template files.
- There is no confirmation that these are PS3 games or even games at all! Team Aces is behind the wheel, however, and they recently made Ace Combat 6 an Xbox 360 exclusive...
- If Cellius is involved, it is not evidenced here. (PS3, Xbox 360)

Violater  +   2765d ago
Like I said
Wait for official news.
D@mn I don't have enough bubbles for this topic.
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techie  +   2765d ago
We knew they were concepts only...Cellius was provided by sources. Hey ho. We won't find out for a year or so.
kingboy  +   2765d ago
Not forgetting this is coming from Joystiq,a very bias anti sony blog..No one ever said Ace Combat was 360 exclusive duh! I guess we all need an official confirmation
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consolewar  +   2765d ago
Dont cry just yet boy, wait for confirmation
easy boy, easy I'm pretty sure this is just a rumor, dont wet your panties on this one. You'll have plenty to cry about in the future I promise you.
zonetrooper5  +   2765d ago
This could generate a big comment section...
GaMr-  +   2765d ago
It just seems like someone is going out of their way to steal Sony's thunder...

People wanna bring hate on the Big "S"...lol Too Badd Soo Sad !!!
JasonPC360PS3Wii  +   2765d ago
"It just seems like someone is going out of their way to steal Sony's thunder..."
Or may be there just handing it to us with there own mistakes.
GaMr-  +   2765d ago
"Or may be there just handing it to us with there own mistakes."

One of your better comments. Im impressed. See what happens when you think before you type... you get results. If you had said that around nov-2006- to about late Jan-2007 I would of agreed... But Sony really picked it up....as far as

Virtua Fighter looking good
Getting Immersion to Settle
GDC 2007
Folding @ Home (I thought when people said it can "Cure Cancer" they were mocking)

Euro Launch- 600K sold...pretty nice


; )

All they have to do now is keep Ken K. and Kaz Hirai away from the media and they will be fine.

I would hate to see a repeat of "4D Riiiiiidge Racccceeerrr"

Nuff Said.
DC RID3R  +   2765d ago
not really bro.......................
Insomniac seem VERY confident on the PS3 this gen.
brianodom  +   2765d ago
Wow the PS3 get's on a roll and ...
the wolves come out to attack...pure FUD
PureGamer  +   2765d ago
kool, jason got owned again :)
Maddens Raiders  +   2765d ago
Looks great -
but still doesn't quell my contempt of Namco/Bandai/Cellius for fuccing millions of Ace Combat fans on the PS brands right in the a$$. I hate 'em, hate 'em, hate 'em. Fuk you KK. I'll never buy another Namco product again.

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Violater  +   2765d ago
Stick it to the man!
Maddens Raiders  +   2765d ago
wtf -
seriously, is Kutaragi just going apesh1t and this is the way he's getting back at Stringer and Kazuo for their usurping of his lovechild? I mean c'mon, somebody please put some reigns on this man, pay him off, take him to a back alley or something, because this is simply unnacceptable at this point. Ok, back to my meditation techniques on a new PS3 flight combat title from Insomniac or Factor 5 -- wish it and they will come, right?. Ouuummmmn......Ouuummmmmn..... .Ouuummmmn.lol
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Theo1130  +   2765d ago
Evryone was man they look great
look at the power of cell...there renders...anyone who open there eyes could have seen this a mile away
SnakeDiesinMGS4  +   2765d ago
"Not forgetting this is coming from Joystiq,a very bias anti sony blog"

You sonyboys are always full of excuses.
JasonPC360PS3Wii  +   2765d ago
Let me just repeat this for the hearing impaired or just the plain stupid.
"Or may be there just handing it to us with there own mistakes." Its a reality not a dream Sony fans.

Cough Sony continuously loosing exclusives cough excuse me, I had some reality in my throat. Well at least its not man goo like whats in Overated and GayMr's throat.
Says you  +   2765d ago
Well darth vadar just like you XBox 360 fans saying
That you dont really care about HDMI and the XBox 360 elite when in reality you do. you guys dont really mean that you guys want to get ripped off and buy another XBox 360 thats an upgrade. you say that Sony fans make alot of excuses I would shut the hell up if I were you darth vadar cause your just full of Godzilla sh1t 247 and of course you guys give another excuse saying that Sony ripped off Sony fans by forcing them to buy the PS3 with the Blu Ray when Sony always gambles with there products when technically Sony is just trying to change home entertainement and further more Jason xg1 the XBox 360 is losing an importan exclusives to as well you d0uche bag.
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SnakeDiesinMGS4  +   2764d ago
I see you have no bubbles to reply...to bad. But I think your "full of Godzilla sh1t" comment was pretty entertaining. I have one HDMI hookup on my tv and I already use it on my OPPO upscale dvd player...the elite is useless for me! No thanks. My premium plays the same games as the elite.
Bhai  +   2764d ago
Namco-Bandai's 360 approach...
...seems to be with number 6.

Ridge Racer 6 --> 360
Ridge Racer 7 --> PS3

Expected in the same fashion,

Ace Combat 6 --> 360
Ace Combat 7 --> PS3

About those 3 new games though, I think they will be a reality, and I do think they'll make it onto PS3 as exclusives. They have a solid, innovative and creative approach that I think was first exhibited by SCEE's '8-days'. In that, they have a good chance of making into CELLIUS' upbringing.

We know all three use Quick-Time-Events(QTE) but visuals remain stunning "pre-rendered" !. I think these games are entirely CGI with multiple frames which will be triggered by player's decision and input. PS3's ultimate edge with blu-ray might be displayed through these games. "If you can't get the in-game visuals upto the CG quality, make a game entirely in CGI"...I think that is the motto behind Namco-Bandai's approach. I think there will be lots of multi-framed CGI scenes in 1080p HD with ultimate sound on the spacious blu-ray and the entire-game will be played over them. This feels really intense, new, original and immersive. The action will be spectacular...just like an interactive movie !!!

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