Exclusive: PS3 Owners Want Final Fantasy XIII More

Despite now being confirmed for both PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, Square Enix's Final Fantasy XIII is still more highly anticipated by owners of Sony's machine, according to data from research group OTX shared with Gamasutra -- it's the game most wanted by the PS3 base.

Despite that, while the majority of titles on the top 20 list are also multiplatform games with Xbox 360 versions, the PlayStation 3 most-wanted list actually features more first-party exclusives than those of the other two systems combined, numbering four in total.

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butterfinger3489d ago

pretty obvious? FFXIII is the main reason for buying a PS3 to a lot of people. People were buying PS3's at launch in anticipation of this game. Microsoft "stealing" this exclusive basically just meant that they wouldn't have to worry about people choosing the PS3 over 360 for this game, so they won't lose anyone.

UltimateIdiot9113489d ago

FFXIII is one of the many reasons why I chose a PS3. I know others who have purchased a PS3 with FFXIII in mind. Besides, PS3 is where a lot of the JRPG fans are.

FlameBaitGod3489d ago

LOL!!!!!!!! I think every 1 knew that

Baka-akaB3489d ago

And water makes you wet !!

60's version will sell a lot , but the ps3 had at least a whole year becore the e3 announce , to get FF fans to buy a PS3 .

UltimateIdiot9113489d ago

Not for SE or shall I say, Mr. Wada.

Rampant3489d ago

Really glad I own a 360. I always have something to play and don't have to wait for games that are more than a year away.

kewlkat0073489d ago

I think most PS3 owners are interested in "VS" since it's a real 3rd-party exclusive(for now).

The fact that FFXIII is multiplatform, it's pretty clear the game will sell well in Japan(as always) but since most in the west been crying about SQueenix these days, I doubt they care much unless your hardcore JRPG gamer.

Now a Xbox gamer will welcome this franchise much more.(About time I'd say).

DelbertGrady3489d ago (Edited 3489d ago )

Final Fantasy has a much bigger audience in Japan, and so does the PS3. Go figure.

Personally I'm more interested in Wrpgs, like Mass Effect 2.

TheSadTruth3489d ago

if FFXIII wasn't multiplatform I probably would have sold my 360 to get a PS3 just for that title (and versus)

Halo wasn't the revolution I wanted it to be.. and it's the only reason I bought a 360. Pretty much every console game I've played this gen has been a letdown, but thankfully PC devs are still churning out high quality PC games to play.

FragMnTagM3489d ago

DUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUR! It is where the series originated, do we really need an article stating this? The only way this would be news to you, is if you don't follow video games, and even then would it matter? NO! So why is this news again?

Here is the equivalent if Halo went multi-plat: "XBOX owners want Halo4 more than PS3 owners."

This is not up for dispute.

FragMnTagM3489d ago

Not originated, but rather where it flourished...

theEnemy3489d ago

Because technically a year ago, ONLY PS3 Owners are waiting for this game.


II Necroplasm II3489d ago

In other news... Water is wet

and bears sh!ts in the woods.

DemonChild3489d ago

I had originally purchased a PS3 with the intention of being able to play FFXIII when it came out. I also have a 360 but will still be buying this for the PS3.

Thugbot1873489d ago

I agree reason I was going to purchase the PS3 was FFXIII. It being 4th on 360 list of most wanted, is still not bad. Looks like good sales numbers for Square Enix.

Mindboggle3489d ago

You must be crazy to buy a £425 system at launch for 1 game....

There must of been other reasons for you wanting one, as buying it back in 2007 for 1 game that isnt coming out for 3 years is just retarded...

Grown Folks Talk3489d ago

But do they wipe? & can anyone hear them while they are sh*tting while a tree is falling?

Morbius4203488d ago

Thank you Captain Know It All!

Condemnedman3488d ago

Stealing ??? I heard it all now .Wow there reallly is a lot of fanbois on this site .Its only a game grow up

50CALheadshot3488d ago

360 gamers= unreal engine multiplats

ps3 gamers= wide variety of exclusives

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Hiruma Youchi3489d ago

is this really news worthy?

dachiefsman3489d ago

no as a ps3 owner I would rather have FFXIII vs. and not even see FFXIII.

Hutch23553489d ago

As an owner of both machines I could give a rats @ss if this game even comes out. I am probably in the minority but I like games that are actually fun. I have tried these games every generation and I want to fall asleep while playing. Big waste of microsofts money if you ask me. Unless this game sells 8 million copies which it probably wont I don't think it matters.

Slime3489d ago

Well, it's not as if your spoiled for choice.

table3489d ago

Not sh*t sherlock? Sherlock Holmes is a massive Final Fantasy fan i'll have you know.

PSP23489d ago

i dont want any of those games i stopped caring about ff after playing with yuna in ffx2 it was so bad.the only game from square enix that i want is kingdom hearts on psp

mistajeff3489d ago

birth by sleep looks SO GOOD

caffman3489d ago

I've never been into JRPGs anyway