Patapon producer 'listening to' requests for PS3 version, more sequels

Joystiq: Patapon 2 is finally coming to the PSP in North America. While associate producer Chris Hinojosa-Miranda couldn't precisely explain why the title has taken so long to reach its final destination, he did say that the added time provided more focus on localization and translation. (Even still, we manged to spot a few lingering instances of "Engrish.")

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callahan093518d ago

Oh my god. Definitely make a PS3 version!

labaronx3518d ago

a PSN version would be welcomed as well!!!

Baba19063518d ago

have never played one but it seems awesome. i would so get it.

Dnarbeis3518d ago

Ya, would like it to, as long as it have PSP fucntions :)