First gameplay video for Feel Feel is a survival-horror game exclusively for the Wii which is developed by Mist Walker, the gentlemen and ladies including behind Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey. The game is co-developed by the creator behind the Japanese horror films Ju-On (our better known as The Grudge). Can not get enough of scary Asian boys in the closet, then Feel the game for you!

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Hiruma Youchi3485d ago (Edited 3485d ago )

look hella lame @ the momment.

I want to know more about that black and White game that was really hyped back in the days(not Madworld).. I dont really remember the name though. darkness or something.

rawrockkillz3485d ago

Are you thinking of Sadness? And if you are, I totally agree with you. That game looked very interesting.

kingme713485d ago

Was that a burp at the end? He could have burped the alphabet.

ssipmraw3485d ago

mistwalker were generally 360 exclusive ???

Finalflash223485d ago

Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey, I think Microsoft helped fund the company and got 2 exclusives out of it.

ZuperAmazingCooKie3485d ago

But even if they didn't want to support the PS3, they got the platforms switched. Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey would have sold more on Wii and cost less to make. Feel looks like a game that would appeal more to the 360 audience; Capcom has done well with genres that western audiences like on Xbox 360. Mistwalker is not learning the lessons from all of Square Enix latest flops.

phantomexe3485d ago

Which flop? CCEOT is the only thing that comes to mind and we know that was a fast buck.Which still sold better in the US then SE was expecting it too.

KKanjiAnkh3485d ago

Blue Dragon is also on the DS.

@Cookie, I agree, I think the father of Final Fantasy, should think about doing games for the PS3, but he shouldn't give up on expanding, to other platforms.

I hope the US, and EU, can also get a taste of Fragile also.

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ps360s3485d ago (Edited 3485d ago )

This horror game looks real scary, but damn why the Wii which I don't own :(

I been jealous of their new horror games!

and this one is being co developed but the ju-on creators...well I be damned

and btw Lost Odyssey is a good game. (thought I had to say it out)

AKNAA3485d ago

O.M.G... That gave me goosebumps! [email protected]!K it, I'm getting the wii!

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The story is too old to be commented.