Exclusive: Sony PSP Go! Storage Tech Revealed

PCworld writes:

Sources close to Sony PSP development have hinted to Game On what Sony's planning to stick in its rumored smaller, sleeker PSP Go!. Remember this CES 2009 press release back in January? The one where SanDisk revealed a panoply of tinier, higher-speed memory products? Think those.

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TrevorPhillips3462d ago

oh this is great news.

Keep doing your thing Sony.

Sev3462d ago

This is bogus actually. Strange coming from PC world I would expect them to be a little bit closer.

The PSP Go has built in memory as well as a a slot for Memory Stick Micro (M2)

pwnsause3462d ago (Edited 3462d ago )

well there you have it guys. they pissed sev off and for that he was forced to reveal even more bombshells :). thanks sev, now im confident that I can now have ample memory for the PSP

16gb flash memory+ 16gb Memory stick Micro M2 memory= 32gb!!!!!!! i think thats more than enough memory.

locos853462d ago

But wouldn't that bee too much strain on the battery? Will it have a new special battery that last longer?

I_am_rushin3462d ago

So it is called the PSP Go?

DJ3462d ago

The PC World info is a good try though.

ThanatosDMC3462d ago

Sev that's bad new for me. I just bought a 16gb pro duo... if PSP Go! need the M2... im %ucked!

Those smaller ones cost more. They're also never on sale at Fry's.

I know that there's gonna be a built in memory but i always like to maximize my electronics.

BrunoM3462d ago

I dont get it ... home all these sites say they got info on these thing and none are right .. SEV is right about what he said .. amd ots a psp1 so all other news about coming with touch screens 2 analogs and so on a re bull .. but any who ..

only one month left for some crazy storys to pop up and on june 3rd we get to see it ... kool E3 is going to be nice

ThanatosDMC3462d ago

An 16gb M2 is on the picture... so it's kinda right. Also, apparently the 16gb M2 will cost $129.99!

I wonder how much PSP Go! would b priced. I hope same or cheaper sine they wont be including the UMD drive (laser reader and what not).

StalkingSilence3462d ago

agree with sev, thought PC world would have been better.

For instance, look at this article from PC world on the PSP Go:
- wagers touchscreen is a "shoe in"
- wrong media format "exclusive" information
- "We speculated earlier that the system might have a camera. Actually 1UP did, too. I'm not so sure though. Sony has to highlight a killer app for the camera." haha nope. tool.

Argento-Nox3462d ago


I was just about to ask about expandable memory but now that you've mentioned it, I'm more interested in the new PSP coming out. I'm hyped to see the new PSP now (^_^).

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kingme713462d ago

"Now Sony just needs to ship a magnifying glass and a pair of tweezers with the new system, so we're not squinting around on the ground if we drop one changing our data out."

He makes light of the size, but I'll be darned if my kids don't lose those postage stamp sized games for their DS. No matter how often I tell them to put them up.

Aikuchi3462d ago

I have a microSD for my phone and i hate taking it out, i feel like im going to lose it. I cant be the only one who thinks memory is getting to small. This is a bad call on Sonys part

Narutone663462d ago

while handling those micro sized flash memory, and you sneezed, good bye 16GB of data.

MGRogue20173462d ago

The PSP Go! ...?

I never even knew Sony were making one.. I thought there was a PSP 2..?

I dunno, It's all rather confusing right now with this rumor bullshit, I'd say.. Let Sony actually announce it first!

pwnsause3462d ago

its not a PSP2. its a better PSP. no UMD on this one.

locos853462d ago

I wish they did add a second analog stick. I don't know why they say adding one will isolate the older games. They would still work but wont use the 2nd stick. This is one reason I don't like shooters on the PSP, controlling your aim with the Square, Triangle, X, O buttons suck.

pwnsause3462d ago

i think it has to do more so with multiplayer games. gamers with that second analog stick have a massive advantage to those who dont with games like Resistance: retribution and Syphon Filter PSPs online mode.

Arnon3462d ago

So what happens to people with their investments into the basic PSP? Such as:

Their UMD games
Memory Stick Duo cards?

typikal823462d ago

its going to be like the GBA Micro, but people will ACTUALLY want it.

BattleAxe3461d ago

I feel the same way, I have 11 PSP games on UMD. I have a PSP 2000, but I might pick up a PSP 3000 just to have the extra UMD drive just incase my PSP 2000 kicks the bucket.

Besides, you can still play all of the downloadable games comming out in the future with all of the old PSPs.

Arnon3461d ago

Right. But my point is, is that this thing seems like it wont take off at all. They're stripping the entire PSP to make it seems more 'flexible' while walking around with it.

By God I WANT a UMD drive. That thing is awesome. And I WANT to play Monster Hunter Freedom Unite on PSP Go!... But it seems that isn't possible.

BWS19823459d ago

I wouldn't think they'd make pre-existing games utilize both analog sticks if they did it. What I mean is, if they came out with two analogs, there wouldn't be an advantage, the current shooters would still use one, and any new games coming out could be a case by case basis, phasing in the 2 sticks as an option OR, they could do it like the K & M on PS3 games, gamers would only go up against those with 2 analogs, or with a single one, so there wouldn't be any advantages to speak of. I think 2 analogs are overdue and Sony should know this, but they're waiting until a "true" PSP sequel to implement them, ie: a PSP2...

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RealityCheck3462d ago

Hardware improvements are nice but the PSP needs more new games. There just isn't enough coming out each month.

Kushan3462d ago

Right, take this all as you will, i.e. with a big ol' pinch of salt:

I have a friend who works for Sony. Nothing spectacular, just a lowly tester (probably the lowest grade job you can get in this industry, unless you're a cleaner). He works at Sony Liverpool.

Anyhoo, I was talking to him 2 days ago (when he finally brought over my copy of Killzone 2) about this new PSP as I'd just bought a PSP myself. I mentioned what all the rumours had been saying so far, various ones about there being no UMD drive, flash storage, sliding screen, etc.

He laughed.

Now this friend of mine NEVER tells me anything concrete, he actually takes the NDA quite seriously. He never even tells me what PS1 games he's been testing before they go up on PSN.

Anyway, he laughed at this and shook his head. He told me that they had a new PSP that they were testing with and although he wasn't certain if it'd be the same as the PSP everyone is talking about now, he did say that it definitely was not the PSP-1000, 2000 or 3000. And he told me that it wasn't THAT different to current models.
He specifically mentioned that something interesting was different, but wouldn't say what. He DID say that it still had a UMD drive, though and they were currently testing all of the games on it (yes, ALL of them, hence why they're testing them now even though it's not due for months).

He said it was a bit like the whole 2.7 update for the PS3, where the rumours got crazy and out of hand, the same thing is happening with this new PSP model.

Now as I said, take all this with a pinch of salt as I have no proof of this or anything, but from what he said, it's certainly possible he's being accurate here.

Sev3462d ago

Your friend is just as you said, a lowly tester. He knows nothing. If he was in the know then he would know about the PSP Go.

Kushan3462d ago

Like I said in my comment, even he admitted that he doesn't know if the device they're currently testing is the final model or whatever. I'm just relaying information, that's all.

Sev3462d ago

Sorry about the way that came off. I didn't mean for it to sound so rude, but re-reading it, it sure did. I apologize for that.

Baka-akaB3462d ago (Edited 3462d ago )

Thing is your friend might be both right and wrong . There probably a few different psp sku going out there being tested . Doesnt mean each or any of them would see the lite , or be the end product .

BrunoM3462d ago

id say ur right ... il go for 2 but we will see soon enuff...

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