Star Trek Online: New Ship Revealed

IncGamers takes a look at the latest type of ship to be revealed by Cryptic for the upcoming MMO, Star Trek Online.

"The Type VII is described as a Commercial Laboratory, or a scientific ship. Originally used by the Cardassians, these ships are now used by many races including the Barolians, Coverians, Galadorans and Kobheerians."

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thetamer3490d ago

I can't wait to get my hands on the full game. It's going to be awesome.

Dorjan3490d ago

ooh thats a different ship!

Maticus3490d ago

I'm assuming there are a few more to come yet.

Malfurion3490d ago

How long until the Borg ones become available?!

Elly3490d ago

Be difficult to have a borg ship as there's no bridge. You'd need some way to interface with it.

JohnSlaught3490d ago

From what I have read so far, the Borg will not be playable in the game, but they will be encounters in missions/battles. Since Borg is a collective mind, it would be pretty boring playing a drone.

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Maticus3490d ago

It is certainly looking good! Lots of people I know are waiting for this game.

Leord3490d ago

I can literary not wait for Star Trek online to get out.

Everything about it seems SO cool, and they have learnt from the first of the "second generation" MMOs as well.

Medievaldragon3490d ago

Nice. I would like one day to give a shot to this Star Trek game. I used to watch all the episodes of each Star Trek show.

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