Nintendo finally gives online a push

PS Gamer UK Writes: "Now lets not beat around the bush, while the Wii is a great console for playing when you have mates around and it does have some fun titles in the form of Madworld and LOZ:TP, it's online department is lacking compared with the competition and as a result, the amount of wii owners online is fairly small considering the consoles install base."

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resistance1003513d ago

I wish they would just release a headset already

SpoonyRedMage3513d ago

It would make sense, I mean they have them for the DS and it doesn't need them. Then again I think being able to use the DS as a replacement for Wiispeak would also be a magnificent idea.

Gen0ne3513d ago (Edited 3513d ago )

... to catch up to MS and Sony. Sony's still trying to catch MS and are closing the gap rather quickly. Item #1 on the to-do list: stream line the friend codes. Keep the damn codes if you insist Nintendo but give the user a single universal code specific to the individual console. #2: nice try with the WiiSpeak but headsets are all the rage these days. Assimilate please. #3: Since you tout the everybody play together mantra, and you finally want to push online. Online co-op is your best bet here. High Voltage kinda blew it in that department and went for the 'core' demographic ( Halo, Gears and Killzone fans ) with the typical death match/capture the flag shtick. And with the lame internal memory in the Wii, a patch can't be applied to later add that feature. Come on Nintendo... let's go.

krauley3513d ago

leave it all dust covered in the closet where its been for almost a year and continue to play your ps3/360 as you usually do.

Gen0ne3513d ago (Edited 3513d ago )

aaannnd... ha! now I can converse with the masses. Muuwahaha!

Gen0ne3513d ago (Edited 3513d ago )

... I'll have you know my Wii is not sitting in the closet. It's peacefully resting good and dusty, center stage in my living room. Where my PS3/360 quietly anticipate a downfall. If I listen closely, I think I can her them snickering.

kunit22c3513d ago

Actually they dont a long way to go, how do you figure that? Their next console could easily have all these things and more, its simply wether they want to or not. and to tell the truth i would much rather have WiiSpeak than a headset, first its easier just to sit there and have a box in front of you and speak into rather than wearing a headset, and whenever i wear a headset while im playing videogames i feel like im a looser with no life, and i dont think the main wii audience wants the feel of having no life, whenever my friends come over or a girl comes over and sees me playing videogames with a headset on i really feel like a looser. i bet you do too theres no denieing it, but other than that i agree that they need to do the other things you said, but it isnt as hard to get to that step as you make it sound.

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Diselage3513d ago

If a little more online came to the Wii i'm sure they would see a better turn out for some of their mature games.

Hitmaker3513d ago

The wii's online service is fundamentally flawed. Advertising is nether necessary nor will it help in any substantial way.

If they simply FIXED it, people would spread the word for them. As it stands, new people might come, get fed up with its by its asinine quirks and not bother with it anymore.

Shnazzyone3513d ago

how about not just pushing that the online capabilities are there... but also IMPROVING THE SYSTEM! My guess is if wii users aren't going online it's because of the mediocre amount of content and less a lack of knowledge that it's there. Wake up nintendo! Stop wasting money you should be investing into upgrading the online system.

SinnedNogara3513d ago

Agreed, wonder who disagreed.

They just released a SD update, which means that they can increase the file size limit. And if they start selling 32GB SD Cards for much lower prices, start with demos for their games, and support DLC, then the Wii will be on par with the PS3 online. (or at least close).

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