MSNBC: Top 5 reasons to pass on Nintendo's DSi

MSNBC writes:
Nintendo's latest handheld, the DSi, excels in several areas. With bigger screens, it's easier on the eyes. It features an online store for downloading exclusive games. And it adds a camera to broaden how players interact with the best-selling platform. But other than that, the DSi looks and feels a lot like the DS Lite. So here are five reasons to save your money and wait for something else.

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PSP23513d ago

ill def pick one up when the dsi store has more gameboy advance games but as of right now it is worthless to me

dericb113513d ago

So you willing to wait and pick old games? All of which play on GBA, DS and DSLite. The system does not enhance those GBA games at all so the point of waiting to buy them and pay more makes no sense.

mistajeff3513d ago

I feel like this is a hidden price increase. SD slot, camera, bigger screen, a few new software features, what else? Nothing worth $40 over the other ds's. DS lite was due for a price drop, they shouldve brought this in at $130 instead, but it's nintendo and they know people will reach FAR up their @$$ to find the money. Sony should really put their new PSP at the $130 price point, it'd be a smart move for them.

SpoonyRedMage3513d ago

Won't the PSP be exactly the same though...

I think if people are unsure though they should wait, especially for the moving notepad which looks to be a really decent piece of software and it's free(unless you include it in the increased price).

caffman3513d ago

I own 1 original DS game and thats guitar hero that now won't work with the DSi. Oh and a R4

SpoonyRedMage3513d ago (Edited 3513d ago )

Well good for you, I don't think there is any obligation to upgrade nor should there be but I disagree with the people that say it's not worth it because if you're actually interested in some of the features unique to the DSi, it's definately worth it.

FragMnTagM3513d ago

Goes NOM NOM NOM with your cash.

Christopher3513d ago

And will never sell it anyway. I have a few good Gameboy Advanced games I like and I'm not really interested in any of the new features since I have most (if not all) of them on my iPhone already. Not interested in a few more pixels either.

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