Games32: The Last Remnant - Game Review (PC)

Games32 writes: The Last Remnant had a strange little history around here, and is somewhat subject to myths and legends already. We wanted to write about it when it was originally launched on the Xbox 360, but because of some technical reasons that never happened. A few months later, we gave it another shot but the reviewer never got to finish that article.

As I'm a Final Fantasy fan, I couldn't be happier when I saw a Square Enix game is finally coming to PC. But of course, the game wouldn't work at first for some odd reason. I was on the brink of abandoning it, when I finally found out what was wrong with my PC. So with everything fixed I finally managed to start the game, and a couple of weeks later, you're "lucky" enough to read this review. Let's hope it's not that bad - fingers crossed.

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