inFAMOUS is out

infamous trophies revealed straight off PSN. Looks like leaked list was real.

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LarVanian3309d ago (Edited 3309d ago )

That is one big list.
Looks like I'll be playing inFamous for a while if I want to get the platinum.

EDIT- Don't worry about spoilers, there aren't any.

ttigass3309d ago

well i added him on psn and when i compare the trophies, there isnt the infamous trophies....

Silly gameAr3309d ago

That is a pretty long list. But, I'm still going to try for platinum.

I_am_rushin3309d ago

Lucky b*stard!!!!

I W-A-N-T inFamous!!!!!!!!!!!!

- Ghost of Sparta -3309d ago (Edited 3309d ago )

Nate works for OPM and he is writing a review for Infamous. They get review copies early. IGN has theirs too.

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Abash3309d ago

You can't pirate PS3 games. Is the street date broken maybe?

peeps3309d ago

who knows. it seems very early but we have seen ppl get hold of games weeks in advance with other games. Not long now anyway :) pre-ordered last night but theres a demo on the 21st, a week before release so can decide whether to keep the pre-order or not. It is looking to be a really good game though

techie3309d ago

It's called a review copy.

adolson3309d ago

Nick Suttner is on my PSN list, and he's been playing it for like a week now... He used to work for EGM, but now he works for Sony.

cryymoar3309d ago

a sony rep came to leave my store a few demo cards and it goes live on the 8th =]

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techie3309d ago

WTF is with this title!?

TheExecutive3309d ago

Totally agree. Completely misleading. This is, without a doubt, a review copy.

PureGamer3309d ago

hmmm ill have a phone to some of the local shops. The middle east is great for leaking games early. Got kz2 2 and half weeks early last time.

MoneyMarko3309d ago

May 21st can't come quick enough!

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The story is too old to be commented.