Walter Simonson On World of Warcraft Comic Book interviewed Walter Simonson and Louise Simonson at the 2009 New York Comic Con. In this video interview, both reveal details of the current story arc about the half-orc Garona, and how the events in the upcoming two arcs will affect the World of Warcraft MMO storyline. Both the comic book and the MMO are walking along together toward a massive conflict between the Horde and the Alliance.

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Medievaldragon3515d ago

I had so much fun interviewing Walter and Louise. Their passion for the game and the comic book is outstanding and visible. There are hints that whatever is going on in the next two arcs will impact heavily the story of the MMO. The pact is over. It is time for War.

Leord3515d ago

It's nice that they haven't been completely drenched by Blizzard "NDA-style" of communicating yet :)

Warm and nice interview.

Leord3515d ago

The comincs are a new level of WarCraft lore. I love how they do try to keep close to lore in details, and yet present a thrilling story line!

moondragon3515d ago

Agree with you leord, they put so much time into lore, very important.

JonahNL3515d ago

Great interview. I love the dedication and hard work, it definitely shows.

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