X-Men Origins: Wolverine PS3/360 Comparison HD

Beauty is only skin deep - so let's tear off the skin and check out the guts.

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shocky163511d ago

We PS360 guys will enjoy this lovely HD experience, sorry Wii =(

ZuperAmazingCooKie3511d ago

They're negligible, not warranting a 200 comment thread.

FamilyGuy3511d ago

This game looks brutal.

The comparisons need to stop already.
I thought they had stop a couple months ago but i guess no multiplats came out or something. It's as if the comparison started all over again as soon as SFIV came out.

pixelsword3511d ago

But don't not expect it go get that high. :)

CaseyRyback_CPO3511d ago (Edited 3511d ago )

Why are they DIFFERENT COLORS if its the SAME VERSION?! They are color changing these things on purpose. If they are from the same capture, there would be absolutely no difference in colors. Why is either 360 version saturated/desaturated.

GT gets owned again.

likedamaster3511d ago

Has major screen tearing and 360 has none. Check these out 0:47-0:49, 0:55, 2:01... and notice screen tearing on the PS3 version. Other than that they both look exactly same visually.

cryymoar3510d ago (Edited 3510d ago )

wrong tab lol..

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Denges3511d ago

LOL gametrailers FAIL!

look at 0:47 when his hanging of the helicopter

PS3 side has the 360s A button.. lametrailers

sack_boi3511d ago (Edited 3511d ago )

First Grid now this. Hahaha Gametrailers.

BTW pause at 0:52 and tell me what you see.
Apart from the fact that one has AA and the other doesn't, they're both the same.

Unbiased13511d ago

They humiliate them selves over and over. What are they trying to prove with this type of vids? Very fanboyish if you ask me(i have not seen vid so i don't know which version looks better, actually i never watch those since GRID fiasco).
So now it seems they did it again? Will they stop? NO, very stubborn fanboys.
How they expect anyone to believe that PS3 or 360 video is actually PS3 or 360 video/material? It could be just well edited.
Lametrailers ftw

mephman3511d ago (Edited 3511d ago )

I don't know how GT actually have credability within the industry.

FlameBaitGod3511d ago

IGN has been doing this 2 btw

Muddyalcapones3511d ago

noooo.... in that same shot it says "press [X] or [*triangle] to pull yourself up.

kunit22c3511d ago

to just come out and say your all wrong but if you go to the site and watch it in HD you can see that its actually and X button but just looks like the A button in this whorse quality.

CaseyRyback_CPO3511d ago

They got busted and changed it. You can see sscreengrabs/comments on GT as well pointing it out.

Denges3510d ago

looks like gametrailer found their little mistake, pulled the video and fixed it

too late gametrailers

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XtreemGamer3511d ago

OMG... 0:47...X360 vs X360? :D

Sony Rep3511d ago

PS3 version looks better

nutcase4u3511d ago

but once it gets to the part where he's fighting the big monster it definitely looks better on the PS3. Not saying that 360 has had it better more than once, but this time the PS3 has a slight edge. Really nothing that would take away from either experience you choose.

pwnsause3511d ago

there was a part were the 360 version was loading the textures. anyway, who cares, this is a game based on a movie, which would probably play like S**t

jarhead9063511d ago

Well the whole argument for this game is capoot when both versions are either both Xbox 360 versions or doctored. See above comments.

Shadow Man3511d ago (Edited 3511d ago )

I better not :D

either way I have to wait a week until I can download the demo...damn you microsoft!!

lociefer3511d ago

lol unreal engine lookin better on ps3 gotta hurt

II Necroplasm II3511d ago

The whole video is only the 360 version lol

Minute Man 7213511d ago

do you live Shadow Man? I got the demo already but haven't played it.