Grand Theft Auto V survey; your opinion needed

From PS3 Attitude: "On April 29th 2008, Rockstar released Grand Theft Auto IV; the latest in their record-breaking crime filled franchise. Not only did GTA IV set the bar in terms of story and sandbox gameplay, it was also GTA's first foray on the current generation of HD consoles.

Many of us at PS3 Attitude are hardcore GTA fans, so it's no wonder that we are looking forward to when Rockstar announce and release a sequel.

Right now, the developers have kept their lips sealed about the next iteration…"

GTA V Survey included in story; results being sent to Rockstar Games

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jammy_703491d ago

something like san andreas with open land.... with planes of course :)

DolphGB3491d ago

I have to agree with that.

Maybe San Andreas, maybe somewhere else, but environment variety would definitely make a big difference.

Hiruma Youchi3491d ago

we need more bikes more drop top cars more gangs(chinese,Black,Latino) and a better story.

I also like to customize my Character. bring that back

slinkey1233491d ago

They should make a hybrid of san andreas and GTAIV :P With the features of san andreas and the missions and story from GTAIV. Well obviosly a different story but yea...

no1safe3491d ago (Edited 3491d ago )

San Andreas? IMO this one was the worst. Stats (going to the gym to get possibility of sprinting longer? wtf...) for character is something that should never, ever appear in GTA game; Also the story was the worst of all and the big part of world was almost the same.

If we're talking about gameplay and story, the best of all is definitely Vice City.

aksmashh3491d ago

Some Of The Ideas Were Amazing
After Playing Saints Row 1 For Long Time
It Didn't Have Same Kind Of Longevity
I Think Due To Character Customization & Worlds Were Too Open?
Maybe They Needed Be Restricted In Certain Games
Also Alot Friends(PS3) Didn't Really Go Online (Like Killzone)While Everyone
Plays COD WAW(Sh*t),I Can Understand COD4 Tho

& As People Said It Would Nice To Have World Similar To San Andreas

Rofflecopter3491d ago

Some sort of Vice City game would be incredible. San Andreas was fun, but VC was amazing. I want to be able to own a business again.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3490d ago (Edited 3490d ago )

And 75% of that mandatory installed on your hard drive :) And how would think that GTA5 would be PS3 exclusive when you don't even have any exclusive episodic dlc?

ThanatosDMC3490d ago (Edited 3490d ago )

Yup, i agree. San Andreas had mountains and red wood trees! They gimped GTA4 so bad... but running over pedestrians has never been more fun.

@ Rofflecopter

Actually, you end up owning businesses in San Andreas. But you have to reach the second city first.

ps3d03490d ago

"Not only did GTA IV set the bar in terms of story and sandbox gameplay" stop reading right there its obvious they never played the game

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dj555555553491d ago (Edited 3491d ago )

Don’t limit it to DVD-9 use blu-ray and HDD mix then you can have a sandbox world where nothing disappears, damage stays, you can have a larger more detailed world with no repeat textures.

DolphGB3491d ago

Are you saying that it should be PS3 only then?

dj555555553491d ago (Edited 3491d ago )

if the 360 can pull that off then Im happy for it to be on there too, if not then it shouldn't

ShabzS3491d ago

wont work coz there are still a lot of 360's out there without a hdd...

dj555555553491d ago

so will the choice be then to limit the game again to dvd which rockstar have expressed worry over as they think it’ll damage the series, ignore the systems without HDD or don’t put it on the 360?


One Island/City on a single dvd could work but thats up to microsoft. Im talking about royalty fees.

dj555555553491d ago

all i know is nothing should limit what they want to do with this game

theEnemy3491d ago

yeah but they got it @ $199.

dj555555553491d ago (Edited 3491d ago )

because they got there machine for $199 GTA should be limited?

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ShabzS3491d ago (Edited 3491d ago )

open up the city, make everything accessible, give us the ability to go underwater, double up the dvds for 360 and cover more space on blu ray... and bring back tommy and murice chavez...

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Nihilism3491d ago

bring back the rpg elements, so you can get better at driving shooting etc etc

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