Prototype - "First Look" Preview (PlanetXbox360)

From the "first look" preview:

"Let me introduce you to Alex Mercer; who is a shadowy character, somewhat like a modern version of Altair from Assassins Creed. Alex wakes up on an autopsy table with two scientist types about to cut him open. He has no memories of who he is or how he got there. He promptly escapes and while doing so, discovers he has a wealth of powers at his disposal. Alex then uses his newfound powers to re-discover his past as he attempts to find out what happened to him. Alex is lead to a company called Genrek, which he used to be scientist for. Genrek are a medicine company who have created a virus that's spreading through the population, mutating any human DNA it comes into contact with. Alex must choose to help the human race or leave them to the ravages of the virus. The game goes by the name Prototype."

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Valkyrie833491d ago

Game looks freaking awesome, can't wait for this one at E3....nice long preview!

UltimaEnder3491d ago

Same here, I have had my eyes on it for a while but really want to test it out and see what the story is about.....good article!

Major_Tom3491d ago

The more previews I see the more it looks like Hulk v2.0

Lastlivingsoul3490d ago

I think this game looks awesome, and I hope it is, but I have seen a lot of negative stuff about it scattered throughout different articles. I'm worried we might be looking a flop, I hope I'm wrong, cus it sounds fantastic

bigrob1233490d ago

i think it will be a disappointing game. i am much more excited for red faction and infamous to be honest so i don't think i will be picking this up


i kind of know what you mean... i am really liking the look of it...but the whole hulk 2.0 thing in my book is not so great.

I also want to get all the other games, what i am thinking is rent it or try the demo if its really good, then when i finish Infamous or RFG, i will trade one of them for this. Hopefully i won't loose too much money on the trade or i may get it pre-owned.

When its hit and miss with peoples opinions and reviews those are the ones you really should just try for yourself.

khrisnifer3490d ago

They are just going off every other trailer that's been released.
I played it at comic con and trust me guys, you've NEVER seen a game like this. It had the crowds oohing and ahhing the whole show.
Plays like butter and at 30fps all the time.

UltimaEnder3490d ago

I've played it as well and agree with you 100%, game is going to rock.....

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The story is too old to be commented.