ACG Review: The Neverhood

ACG writes:

"The animation in the game is top notch. Each character is painstakingly animated frame by frame (over 50,000 frames of animations in total) in a process known as stop-motion. It is the same process used to animate King Kong or Wallace and Grommit. To the animators' credit, the movement of the character is surprisingly smooth (Klaymen's gait even reminds me of Groucho Marx's). The animation makes for many funny moments. For instance, at a point in the game, Klaymen is sprayed with goo by an angry insect. He then literally wipes his face. His head remains featureless for a second or so, until his eyes, nose, and mouth pop back to their correct anatomical positions.

A quibble I have with this game is that Klaymen cannot be made to walk faster than he does or run. At times, the lack of speed can be quite frustrating. In general, however, it fits the overall relaxed nature of the game."

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