Popmatters Review: Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars

Popmatters writes:

"Chinatown Wars adopts many of the changes the series has seen along the way, and adds its own tweaks as well. It's possible that Chinatown Wars has the most creative use of the touchscreen on the DS, excepting those titles that eschew traditional controls for the touchscreen alone. While it may be somewhat cumbersome to switch between the two control styles on the fly, the activities relegated to the touchscreen make sense and don't feel tacked on. There's something undeniably cool about being responsible for filling your own Molotov cocktails and cutting away the upholstery of a van looking for a drug stash. Of course, as the game wears on some of these activities repeat themselves, but, though their uniqueness begins to wane, they never actually become irritating. "

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