Pokemon - Literally Cannot Catch Them All

Videolamer writes:

"My friend and I are Pokémon fans, Pokéfans if you will. Adult Pokémon fans. Is there a sadder thing? Probably. People who are into team sports. All those people who invested their money in property instead of your series of children's videogames (at least I still have my Marshstomp hah!). But we're not going to make any excuses for our sad sorry selves. Not to you. Of course we could argue that the whole series should be championed by gamers for it's visionary approach to RPGs and the ability to take your favourite characters into games that span a number of console generations. For fellow RPG fans how nice would it be to be able to keep transferring your favourite characters from one game to the next without having to start over from scratch? Well Pokémon lets you do that (kinda) and we are grateful to you."

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qface643512d ago

i still like pokemon and that's not changing anytime soon

you could GET em all you just have to have allot of pokemon games