Capcom Talks MadWorld, Hardcore Wii Gaming

Kotaku writes: "With just 66,000 in sales MadWorld could serve as a warning to developers to stay away from hardcore games for the Wii, but Capcom's Masachika Kawata, says that's not the case for Resident Evil.

"I personally have no fear (about sales of Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles), Resident Evil is a massive brand on a worldwide scale and you can't really compare it to MadWorld," he said. 'Personally I do like MadWorld, I think it is a very unique game. I think we should be happy to be able to play a game like this. It's kind of disappointing that it didn't sell.'"

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Chris Hansen3486d ago


Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles will have paid DLC for additional costumes the same week the game will be released. By additional "costumes", I mean color palette changes to your existing character. The week after, there will be a 9KB paid DLC patch for Wii motion controls. By "patch", I mean a key to unlock content already on the disc.


sack_boi3486d ago

What a sh**ty company. They release good games, but they keep pulling these kind of scams on us.

petter_mo3486d ago

people dont buys wii games much.. they download it.. because you dont need a chip to play games just have to download and copy it over to a dvd then play easy and free..
hardcore gamers have given up their wii mine is used as a paper weight.. even for that it doesent work very god..
it was a bit fun the first 2 days and then the fun worn off.

TheMART3486d ago

I have a businessoption for you Capcom.

Release Madworld + your 3rd party motion sensing controller for the 360/PS3 in a package and support that in the future with other motion sensing games that are great.

Done deal. Your game will sell at last. The Wii is just to sell shiatware you should know Capcom!

Shadow Man3486d ago

MadWorld is publish by SEGA.

TheMART3486d ago

Either way, change the name, business chance stays the same.

I really think they could pull it off this way. Have a great game plus a motion sensing controller, only bring out quality games for it (unlike the Wiishiatware constantly arriving) make the price something like 79 Euro for the controller + game and I bet a lot, a lot more then 66.000 people would buy it for their 360/PS3

InfectedDK3486d ago

Agree, I would buy it for my PS3. Really I would.

InfectedDK3485d ago

I can see I maybe put this wrong.
What I mean is I think the title is great.
IF this title came to the PS3 with the new motion sensing controller I could very well end up buying it.

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admeister3486d ago

It's a shame about MadWorld, it's a perfectly good, unique game. Seems hardcore games are having a hard time on the sad.

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