GameSpy: Red Faction: Guerrilla Preview

Anthony G: "I step out of my vehicle, wandering casually amongst a crowd of civilians who are working around various large pieces of machinery. I wonder to myself it it's better to plant my explosives stealthily -- in which case innocents might die, which would hurt my cause -- or if it's better to send out a warning, which would also alert the authorities. My conscience gets the better of me, and I pull out my pistol, firing it into the ground as I run amongst the civilians, watching them run while I start the dirty work of planting the charges. While I know now I'll have tougher time fighting my way out of the area, it comforts me in some way to know that no unnecessary blood is on my hands, and that those I saved might very well be future champions of the insurgency I'm a part of."

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DrRobotnik3488d ago

Looks nice. Hope it turns out good.