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PSP23489d ago

my sister told me eyePet uses advanced motion sensing so either the playstation eye will be upgraded at e3 or this motion tech is real btw my sister doesnt work at sony but she works at a firm sony uses for marketing its games in eu

Press_Agree3489d ago

Who cares... sony will never match up to the Wii's motion controller. Press Agree.

40cal3489d ago

"Sony's controller apparently used LEDs (light emitting diodes, essentially little electric light sources) and a small webcam to track the device's movements. Because the camera can read different color lights and the shape and angle of each light, it's much more accurate than the Wii-mote. It can track precise movements, including along the Z axis (pushing toward and away from the TV; something the Wii is really bad at) as well as velocity."

Combine this with 3D? Sword fighting anyone?

INehalemEXI3489d ago

You can't see me with a sword son...

/throws smoke bomb and vanishes like shinobi

windmill1453489d ago

I'm not surprise, this must be the "Motion" in the riddle Sev gave us on this page

no-spin3489d ago

But if it is from Sony, i trust them. Al least they fully support what they release, like the beta for example. I will also support them, they deliver with the PS3 and i am grateful. It may sound blind fanboyism, but that is the way it is, it has Nothing to do with the competition.

FantasyStar3489d ago

Fanboyism and confidence are two different things.

FamilyGuy3489d ago

the PS3Eye was going to be something great. it's useful with it's built in, noise canceling mic but not supported as much as i wish they would.

This device might fall in the same category as that thing.

Traveler3489d ago

If that stuff about it being more accurate than the Wiimote is true, this might turn out to be something I could enjoy. One of the things I dislike most about the Wiimote is how inaccurate it is. It actually makes many games I have played worse, not better.

However, there is nothing inherent in the concept that says that motion controls have to be crappy, just because the implementation in the Wii is poor.

It will be interesting to see how this turns out.

ZuperAmazingCooKie3489d ago

Two years late :(

I guess better late than never though

Marcelles253489d ago

this should be usable for the PS2 think about how it would rival the wii
price= lower
downside though its definitely less powerful
i think it can still beat wii in a graphics race

SlyGuy3489d ago

showing the awesomeness of this 'ps3mote' a few months back.

I clearly remember seeing a video of it.

rambi803489d ago

madworld...please give us madworld

Beast_Master3489d ago

"Last thing we would like to leave you off with is…

We all know E3 is GOing to be filled with HEAVY announcements, potentially COLOSSAL even if we’re lucky. Don’t let all the MASSIVE amounts of rumors RAIN on your parade. It’s a great TIME to be living the PlayStation LifeStyle, so TUNE in as we bring all the news, LITTLE and BIG to you as things are set in MOTION every step of the way."

GO -psp go
HEAVY -Rain?
RAIN -Heavy Rain
TIME- R&C a crack in time

Any other guesses?

aksmashh3489d ago

Im Quiet Sure Tho Nintendo Will Have Problem With It
It Shouldn't Really Because People Who Buy The Wii Is Normally Because Its Cheaper

I Think PS Will Use It To Its Full Potential Unlike Nintendo Which Still Looks Like A Cheap Toy. I Know Little Kids Are Gonna Disagree But They Need To Realise
PS Is The Future Untill Microsoft Come Out With Something Else.

In A Way I Wanted Nintendo To Collapse So They Multi Platform But I Know Its Not Going To Happen :(

Arnon3489d ago

Why is this awesome?...

When Microsoft has hints that they would be doing motion, everyone laughed at them and said that it would be a terrible idea.

Now, when the fact that Sony MIGHT announce such a product, everyone praises it and says that the depth of this is going to be massive.

You guys really confuse the hell out of me.

Beast_Master3489d ago

Because Microsoft's motion controller will be crappy, like all of their hardware and in the end have no potential. While Sony's will be sterdy and actually work.

darthv723488d ago

Doesn't sony already HAVE motion control? WTF would they want to copy the wii? Sony added analog controls to their controller after the n64 was revealed to have analog control now they want to release a ps3mote after nintendo has had one? I just dont get it.

Sony should just concentrate on the hardcore and leave the softcore to the likes of nintendo and MS.

rockleex3488d ago (Edited 3488d ago )

Will simply use the existing PS Eye.

Trust me. ^_^

Arnon3487d ago

"Because Microsoft's motion controller will be crappy, like all of their hardware and in the end have no potential. While Sony's will be sterdy and actually work."

Yeah... just like the Sony VAIO.. lol.

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steel213489d ago (Edited 3489d ago )

Rumors and patents for this thing have been circulating around for years now, not too big of a surprise.

interrergator3489d ago

i bet both microsoft and sony are gona release this damn thing i hope they both dont go casual or ill quit gaming

FragMnTagM3489d ago

A real true lightsaber game. Golfing, pool, baseball, and football would be great.

poopsack3489d ago (Edited 3489d ago )

lol even if if they did go casual from now on id be satisfied with the library we have now, including those that are coming soon.

Still not encouraging it to actually happen.

evrfighter3489d ago

millions of ppl said the same thing about the wii controller...

Smells like Sony is gonna try and cash in on a "Sony Sports" title

pwnsause3489d ago

MLB the show 2010 now with motion controls.

shawnsl653489d ago (Edited 3489d ago )

more future fps using LED GUNCON instead of the traditional controller? one can only wish.

or.. Led sabers for star wars and bleach games

pwnsause3489d ago

i have the guncon 3, i think its pretty disappointing though, since its still not like the arcade, were you get recoil for shooting despite that being possible on current gen hardware today.

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i really really really hate the wii and what its doing to gaming.

sharpened sense3489d ago

I agree with you. Sony would have to have some really insanely cool motion controller for me to be at all interested. Cause i hated my wii when i had it.

butterfinger3489d ago

If Sony (and Microsoft as well) can give us the stupid fun games like Wii Sports but also provide the God of Wars/Halos then I wouldn't mind at all. I would only have a problem if they decided to focus too much of their attention to this motion sensing technology.

labaronx3489d ago

If sony and microsoft can give us tiger woods 10 with ps3/360 graphics and wii motion controls i'm all in.

butterfinger3489d ago

would be amazing, but I would also like Virtua Tennis. :)