Game Pro: Velvet Assassin Review

GamePro writes: "Even with its flaws - and believe me, there are plenty - Velvet Assassin still comes across as a relatively solid stealth title. While it's not a game I'd actively recommend to fans of the genre, it's still sure to pique the interest of plenty of undercover enthusiasts or fans of the World War II genre. When it all comes down to it, though, there's a myriad of better stealth games out there, and even with a few innovative tricks up its sleeve, Velvet Assassin just can't pass itself off as an entirely original or remarkably fun experience.

PROS: Solid voice acting, impressive visuals, nice experience system
CONS: Repetitive trial-and-error gameplay, frequent deaths are a hassle, gets old fast"

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Lou-Cipher3454d ago

I wish Microsoft would stop trying to produce more games then Sony, and start trying to make games with as much quality as Sony.

All year long we have seen extremely mediocre titles coming from Microsoft, how many 50/100 games and 60/100 games are you going to keep making this year?


GiantEnemyCrab3454d ago

WTF are you talking about?

This game is not developed or published by MS. Do you think they are going to tell developers "no, you can't put your game on our system".

The platforms this game came out on were up to the people involved with the game not MS. There was no exclusive agreement with these developers they just didn't make it for the PS3.

Stop acting as if MS makes and controls every game that is on it's system. If the game sucks it has nothing to do with MS first party.

Traveler3454d ago (Edited 3454d ago )

I think the point is that Microsoft needs to produce some good games of their own. Whatever it takes, you know.

I like the 360, but I have to say that there are a lot more games I am looking forward to on the PS3. The only game I know I am buying on the 360 is Mass Effect 2.

- Ghost of Sparta -3454d ago

Lol another flop. I would say unbelievable but I'd be lying. After all, this IS a 360 game. :)

Gamer_Politics3454d ago

yes like ps3 never had any flops....

GUNS N SWORDS3454d ago

was bioshock a flop?

......i don't know you were begging for a port weren't you?

- Ghost of Sparta -3454d ago (Edited 3454d ago )

I didn't even buy the PS3 version. It runs on a terrible engine but BioShock is a pretty good game. Short with two awful endings, but like I said, it was pretty good. The rent I gave it granted me more than enough time to complete the game. As for how Velvet Assassin even relates to BioShock, well, I won't bother asking.

Edit: Oh I see, you think I want this? Well, after reading through various reviews, the game is clearly trash. Even with all the exclusive content they could possibly announce for the PS3 version, it would still suck.

GiantEnemyCrab3454d ago

Ol' Ghost never miss an opportunity to troll about.

Once again the short term memory of a droid. How many flops were on the PS2?? TONS! But that doesn't stop you from sucking Sony shlong every chance you get. Using your line of stupidity I guess any game that is scoring below 80 on the PS3 is Sony's fault and clear evidence the PS3 is garbage.

Traveler3454d ago

But you have to admit that there has been a dearth of GOOD games on the 360 lately (aside from multiplats).

Major_Tom3454d ago

Heh. Giant Enemy really helping his reputation with words like Droids and slapping his keyboard with NEEERD RAGE!

JasonPC360PS3Wii3454d ago

The 360 has about 250 more games than the PS3

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Eiffel3454d ago

I'm going to try this game, these recent reviews are bit to extreme. I've seen sh!ttier games get high scores.

Traveler3454d ago

How do you know they were sh!ttier games if you haven't played this game?

Just sayin...

Eiffel3454d ago (Edited 3454d ago )

Just mean asking?

Is that even a serious question? Normally a gamer with enough of a past would know a bad game from a good game. Hell I've seen gameplay for this title and from the reviews I know the cons for this title are to little to be given such a low score. If that's true then so many games with massive flaws have gone free with high scores.

Which is why I want to try this title out. But like so many other people on this site. They will follow a single persons bad review of a game as if its the all knowing answer to a games quality. Which is very sad. Reviews to be honest are the slow killing aids on the gaming industry. Completely voiding a majority of people from trying a game them self and instead follow someone elses opinion as fact.

ssipmraw3454d ago

thats good to hear, there is always a chance that there is a game which you personally like while others dont.

SaiyanFury3454d ago

I also want to give it a try. I'm a big stealth game fan and would gladly invest the time to trying this out. I know how it feels to absolutely adore a game or series that doesn't garner a lot of praise from anywhere. I'll cite the Tenchu series here. I've been a Tenchu addict since the first game a decade ago. The Tenchu games have never really scored very well from any single source save a few and yet here I am still playing it on multiple consoles 10 years later. As long as they keep doing things that I like, I'll keep playing it. As for Velvet Assassin, I'll judge for myself whether or not it's decent. If I don't like it, I can always stop playing it.

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Timesplitter143454d ago

It must be kinda depressing for the lead game designer to see his work of the past 2 years getting such low scores

UltimateIdiot9113454d ago

To be honest, he had it coming. He should have known if it's going to do bad or not during development. Should have spice up the game when it was still in development.

Serg3454d ago

I think 5 or 6 years would be more accurate, it's first release date was January 06. Now after 3 years of constant delay and a name change, they delivered good intentions, but awful gameplay. It had so much potential, but is failing on so many levels.

chanto233454d ago

is it coming on the PS3 also?? I never heard anything about it till now

Gambit073454d ago (Edited 3454d ago )

360 & PC

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