X-Men Origins Wolverine demo arrives early

The demo for X-Men Origins Wolverine that was to arrive tomorrow for the Xbox Live Marketplace and PSN, is now available for download.


It appears the download is only available for the NA Xbox Live Marketplace. PSN and other regions should be getting the download sometime tomorrow.

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xino3488d ago

what da hell? I don't see it in the damn PSN store...both crappy UK store and Superior US Store

xbox360achievements3488d ago

It's not available for me either on Xbox Live (UK).

Great reporting. [/sarcasm]

snaz273488d ago

i wish i had read your comments first before i had provided that stupid examiner site a hit! id like to play the wolverine demo but something tells me they cant be that confident about their product if they havent released one already.

butterfinger3488d ago

They said a demo would come out on the release date.

Silly gameAr3488d ago

I don't see it on the PSN store, but the demo is on the Marketplace.

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Silly gameAr3488d ago

Bout time. Downloading now.

BX813488d ago

Me too. I couldn't play the MVC2 demo but this one I will..sweet.

FamilyGuy3488d ago

It was said to be coming out two weeks ago, then again last week.
I wonder when it'll be put on PSN, our weekly update has already shown itself and things rarely ever come on days that aren't thursdays...

CBaoth3488d ago (Edited 3488d ago )

Rent this one. If you're an old comic book nerd who happens to like X-men as well, namely Wolverine, then buy this. I had heard this was a "M" game but it's almost surreal watching Wolverine slice limbs off, decapitating enemies, using environmental hazards to maim enemies, etc...I agree with early previews the camera sometimes is almost too far away from the brutality. It seems his moveset from XL/MUA has been faithfully recreated to this action game. Also it looks like the achievements/trophies are fairly docile but may require at least a second playthrough to accomplish 100%(not sure if the hard difficulty is a default option - it's unavailable in demo). As a movie tie-in game based on a comic book series, I wasn't expecting much. But I have to say I came away impressed.

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