Analyst: Sims 3 Could Sell 4 Million In '09

Electronic Arts' upcoming Sims 3 could sell over 4 million units in 2009, says Janco Partners analyst Mike Hickey -- although he expects that a demographic transition toward newer entertainment forms like Nintendo's Wii and DS might weigh on the title.

Sims 2 sold an estimated 3.5 units in calendar 2004, so the analyst expects the anticipated sequel to outdo its predecessor. EA also detailed today the game's digital distribution-heavy, points-based model for further monetization, although Hickey doesn't project how much Sims 3 can expect to earn incrementally from DLC and expansions.

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Mikerra173492d ago

just stop pushing it back

Major_Tom3491d ago

Four million is a little low really. Alot of people are waiting for Sims 3 including my girlfriend. Also considering this being the most profitable franchise of all time.

dreamtheater873491d ago

I guess 4 million is a good estimate for just 2009. According to the article The Sims 2 sold 3.5 million in 2004, and it was released in September. Today The Sims 2 has sold over 13 million, so the first year sales are only a small portion of it.