GamePro: Dead Rising 2 First-look Preview

14 times the number of zombies than Dead Rising 1, that's the bar for Dead Rising 2 developer Blue Castle Games. "Dead Rising 2 is about more zombies. It is about anything and everything as a weapon. It is about taking the chaos from Dead Rising 1 to just a completely different level," says Dead Rising 2 executive producer and Blue Castle Games CEO Dan Brady.

The first look at Dead Rising 2 in action was absolutely jaw-dropping to witness. As Brady played the game, he would pause to say, "Look off in the distance; this is what 1,000 zombies look like in Dead Rising 2." He'd continue to kill dozens of zombies with new weapons such as the paddle saw and drill bucket, and then pause again to hack in more zombies and say, "This is 2,000 zombies on the screen," four times the number of zombies in Dead Rising 1.

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