Fighter mash-ups

A.P. Stephens of Examiner writes: "With the demo of Marvel vs Capcom 2 hitting the PSN exclusively today, I began to think of other fighting series that have not met paths. Usually when two different fighting universes clash, great games and match-ups are usually had.

Let's take a look at three possible fighting match-ups that could guarantee a good title."

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BlackIceJoe3514d ago

Tekken vs Virtual Fighter would be really cool. Even the boss of the last Virtual Fighter game said He would like like to work with Namco and make this game. I would love to buy it if it ever came out.

Plus there almost was a Mortal Kombat vs Street Fighter but that never came to be. But if there ever could be a Mortal Kombat vs Street Fighter
I would hope to see the game be 2D.

Either of these games I would play if they ever came to be.