How to not look like a d*ckhead in Killzone 2

Jim Sterling @ Destructoid writes: "With the Steel & Titanium downloadable map pack freshly launched for Killzone 2, you may be tempted to dip back into the online waters of this fine PlayStation 3 title. A while ago we provided a handy guide advising you how to not look like a dickhead in Gears of War 2, and with Killzone 2 providing a very active online community that you can look like a dickhead in front of, it would be wrong of us to not produce yet another informative and useful guide."

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butterfinger3454d ago

That was a great read! I strongly agree with what he said about the medics. Why do so many people seem to choose the medic class yet never heal anyone? Also, shotgun/rocket launcher users are generally d*ckheads that have no actual skill in the game.

iHEARTboobs3454d ago

Hilarious! Now I want to go read their GEARS article.

redsquad3454d ago

Yeah, but a few weeks back we had an article moaning about how medics heal people who don't want to be healed.
I always play as a medic in KZ2, and we angels of mercy are a persecuted breed!!

DERKADER3454d ago

Who thought it would be a good idea to make a class that has the strongest weapon, the fastest running, and the most armor?

Rofflecopter3454d ago

When I heal someone as a medic, the power has to recharge. People never understand this.

Dacapn3454d ago

Awesome article. About the medics tho; there is a recharge time after you revive someone. I'm not sure but even if you're ray is charging, I think the medic symbol still appears above your head to your teammates. So a medic may not be able to heal you even if he wanted.

ThanatosDMC3454d ago

Healing gives us more points. Shotty, you need the whole reticle on the person or a lucky headshot or a point blank shot. RPG whores... i hate those people.

Lifendz3454d ago

1. If you see a guy sniping in a room, and stepping away when he's not cloaked, maybe you shouldn't go in that room and start shooting your assault rifle out the window bring all kinds of attention to this guy's locatoin.

2. Stop sniping or standing around in the doorways. Nothing worse than trying to get the propaganda speaker to the drop off and having your own teammates blocking your path.

3. There should be a rule that you don't tea bag UNLESS that person has sniped you 2 or more times in a row. The first time you kill someone you should not resort to tea bagging.

aksmashh3454d ago

I Know You Can Just About Get Mc D's Or 2 Beers For Same Price
But For Two Maps It Seems A Bit Expensive, If They Added A Party Mode I Would Of Bought It Straight A Way

Anyway When I Seen Title Of This Article I Thought They Were Talking About The Real D*ckheads Who Use Shotguns & Rocket Launchers

aksmashh3454d ago

Good Work - Destructoid (You Need Change Your Tho It Sounds Sh*t)

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- Ghost of Sparta -3454d ago (Edited 3454d ago )

"You only get a limited amount of spawn points that are allowed to be active at any one time, and it's a pain in the arse being unable to throw mine because some dribbling idiot has stuck one up his arse so that everyone spawns inside his rectum." Rofl.

IrishRepublicanArmy3454d ago

finds this article offensive???

- Ghost of Sparta -3454d ago

Wtf? What's offensive about it?

3454d ago
IrishRepublicanArmy3454d ago

lets just say, johnny tightlips, i ain't sayin nutin'!!!
nah fighting for the ira is ok but theres something about this article
that tingles my balls in an unusual way!! no joke.

iHEARTboobs3454d ago

You must be one of those medics. haha

redsquad3454d ago

"...and it's a pain in the arse being unable to throw mine because some dribbling idiot has stuck one up his arse so that everyone spawns inside his rectum."

I'll really have to see if that's possible the next time I play as a Tactician!

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Hellsvacancy3454d ago (Edited 3454d ago )

4 sum1 whos got "IrishRepublicArmy" as there N4g name its a bit hypocritical of u 2 say that the article was "offensive"

Think wot u like dude i couldnt care just thought id point summin out

On topic the article was pretty funny

redsquad3454d ago (Edited 3454d ago )

Yes, that actually concerned me quite a bit. There's some seriously skewed morals at work in his post, and the 'disagrees' you got are baffling (and scary), quite frankly.

DNAgent3454d ago

-You can heal enemies with health packs

-You can injure enemies with your revive ray

-When you throw a spawn point then remember that people will come out facing you (so don't throw it randomly or you'll probably have your whole team with their backs turned to the enemy)

I'm also not sure why the articles rambled about "Helghast nigga" and such but you can always call them "Higs" as they were meant to be called by the ISA (Rico).

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