Marvel Vs Capcom 2, the Worst Demo Ever?

Marvel Vs Capcom 2, the highly anticipated demo that released today on the PSN and Xbox Live arcade. This by far has to be one of the worst demos that I have ever played in a while and I'll tell you why after the jump.


Sorry, I was mislead by a friend. Marvel Vs Capcom 2 is a PSN Exclusive.

link has been erased, here is proper link

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PSP23516d ago

yeah its the worst demo ever because a)its not on xbox and b)you spend too much time reading neogaf threads dedicated to the demo

stfu and go play ping pong if the demo is so bad

Daver3516d ago

its true tho the demo is bad you cant even play it alone...but it gives you a taste of the full version

Chubear3516d ago

the demo definitely is in the running for the critically acclaimed "hitiest demo EVA award. I have no clue who thought it was a great idea to do what they did.

Bnet3433516d ago

I don't have an arcade stick for PS3 but I do have 2 controllers except one of them is still in it's package and I wasn't going to bust it out just to play this demo. They should add AI opponents. I mean seriously come on.

UnSelf3516d ago

greatest game eva made. Period

FamilyGuy3516d ago (Edited 3516d ago )

Maybe you can press x on your controller then reasign it as controller 2 and press x on it then. Get some practice in. I'll find out and edit.

Nope, sucks for you guys, one of the first things i bought with my PS3 was a second controller. Rock band drums and guitar work too.

My ONLY gripe with this demo is that once youre in the local fighting character pick screen there is no exit option, to get back to the settings and whatnot screens, you have to completely quit the game.
Whats up with that?

Tapewurm3516d ago (Edited 3516d ago )

Well get a controller and go online...u can play against peeps online.....sure 1 player mode would be nice, but at least you can get on online and go at it with different peeps... Great game...would be nice if the demo had single player, but the game plays great and looks great....can't wait for the full title.

FamilyGuy3516d ago

You CANT play the demo online

phosphor1123516d ago

Most people will end up getting tired of the game quick when it comes out. That game was VERY unbalanced, and still is. Marvel vs Capcom 1 was a lot better though. Not saying M v C 2 is bad, just unbalanced. I can guarantee you that most people online will chose the Cyclops, Cable, Iron man combo. It's team up hypercombo finish is ridiculous.

Ozzyb3516d ago

the demo was pretty bad. I turned on the 2nd controller, beat up on nobody for a minute or two, and turned it off. Maybe if a friend comes over or something, it could be cool, but otherwise, not much to do with it.

be_wrong3516d ago

just because it's not on 360 it sucks? geez...

kewlkat0073516d ago (Edited 3516d ago )

So did Nintendo research the wrong group of gamers?

locos853516d ago

I played it for a couple of hours last night with my wife. We both couldn't get enough of it. But it was surprising and disappointing that I couldn't go against the AI or even jump online. I will get this when it's released.

TruthbeTold3516d ago

that is devoid of both Sentinel and Storm is an automatic fail unless you are one of the better players out there for this game. Cyclops, Cable, Iron man will get scraped, assuming that the game plays the same online of course.

PtRoLLFacE3516d ago

stf up idiot even if the game came out on the 360 how the hell are u going to play it lol i only have one dualshock 3 i broke the sisaxix that came with the ps3 so yea i agree with the article is the worst demo out there, hopefully they change that for the final release lol if not is going to be the worst game ever hahaha

likedamaster3515d ago

Fight Night Round 3 demo had a cpu option why can't this game have it? Bad bad Capcom!

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PSP23516d ago

oh and who said the demo is on xbox live????????????

you dont know sht how were you able to even sign up for a website

dachiefsman3516d ago

who are you talking too? It's as though your trying to fight this invisible entity out to make your day a living nightmare.

Take some meds.

religions and f*nboys have some of the most radical people on the planet.

Hobadoon3516d ago (Edited 3516d ago )

All of the agrees he got. No one even said anything about 360 before him...

Fan. Boys.

plstcsldgr3516d ago

read the article dummies the author wrote that the demo was for both systems.

dachiefsman3516d ago

I did read the article *dummy*. If you call the tag at the bottom about the 360 then your retarded. Not once in the article days he say anything about the 360.

specialguest3516d ago

"It's as though your trying to fight this invisible entity..."

lol. funniest post of the week.

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PSP23516d ago

finally if you dont have a sibling to play with then maybe your mommy and daddy arent plowing each other enough did you think about that before you typed up your article

maybe you should return your playstation 3 to the store and use that money to buy your mother and father a vacation so they can plow each other and give you a sibling to play with

ThatCanadianGuy3516d ago

Can't you say all your useless drivel in one comment?

Slime3516d ago

I think this is Zeus Lee/Nathan Drake's new account. So get used to it

darthv723516d ago

did you play with yourself to try this demo? Waggling a controller in each had to get the full effect?

Expy3516d ago

How is an opinion deemed news?

p.s.: lol loner.

Elven63516d ago

It's filed under "Article"...

JohnnyMann4203516d ago

This was pretty much his "review" of a Demo. Reviews are opinions even if it is just a childish rant.

I understood what the dude meant.. I mean the Demo is a joke. No remap? No single?

It's free so really who cares. The controls are tight and I got to play with someone. My thing is ... wouldn't Capcom know that people would complain about this?


Seastriker3516d ago

Isn't it exclusive to PSN?