Soft Kinetic: The Next Revolution in Game Controls?

Softkinetic's Eric Krzeslo is here to walk you through a demo of the company's iizu motion capture technology, which is based on a single camera and requires no sensors to be worn.

Five years of development has resulted in a fairly accurate motion capture solution that is small enough to be used at home, but offers more fidelity than existing camera-based capture systems.

The company hopes that the tech will eventually be used for games and other TV-based interfaces. The fancy camera (which is blurred out as it is a super-secret prototype) can track over 20 individual points, which can be read by the software to do all sorts of neat things.

The tech is available to developers with a complete SDK.

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Kakkoii3486d ago

They need to ramp up the amount of frames the camera/computer processes if they want to make this tech more of a reality. There seems to be a roughly around 100ms delay between each calculation of the persons position. Which is way to choppy if you wanted to apply this to a game. But interesting none the less.