Valve's Steam: King of Video Game Services

GameOnn takes a look at Valve's Steam cleint and it's current group of competitors. As well as how Microsoft might be a future threat with it's Live service and Games for Windows initiative.

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Jager3455d ago

Windows live a threat to steam? dont make me laugh.. live is bs crap on the pc... i go buy Dawn of War 2, install it, make a live account... and if im ever offline, i cant play the single player of the game? Awesome MS... Awesome..

dreamtheater873455d ago

Agreed. Live is so invasive and clunky, and Steam was already established when it first came out. Why would pc gamers want another all encompassing game services when they're already content with the brilliant Steam.

TheRealSpy023455d ago

while i do agree, i have had times where steam also wouldn't let me play games til my internet was on.

even steam could use some tweaking.

and even if you get a game through steam, that game still could be a windows live game. DOW 2 is actually a perfect example of that.

Hitmaker3455d ago

did you read the article? the author says that

"At this point I don’t think any of the services currently out there are any threat to Steam. However if anyone can give Steam a run for their money it might be Microsoft if they really decide to get serious with their Games for Windows initiative."

While live sucks, Steam is not without issue either. There were numerous times that Ive been locked out of my game because the "servers are too busy to handle your request"

Right now, the good outweighs the bad

Mindboggle3454d ago

Imo Steam is the best game service out there, and its better than PSN and Live.

Its just so good, the mods, the steam community, the games. Its only let down by the price of its new games...

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XPC HARDonE3455d ago

is no competitor for Steam. if MS really wanted to gain PC gamers it would add mouse and keyboard support to the 360 and all future consoles. I know so many PC gamers who would buy a 360 since owning a console for 5 years cost less than replacing the hardware every 2 years, but they hate controllers.

Steam woops MS when it comes to online pc gaming.