Iwata: New Wii features to further expand gaming population

Games Industry Writes: Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has revealed the strategy behind the upcoming Wii-no-Ma video service in Japan, saying that it is part of a larger initiative to improve social awareness of videogames and combat illogical criticism against the medium.

In a video statement released today on the Japanese version of, Iwata reaffirmed Nintendo's plans to continue increasing the population of videogame players by further broadening the market with new initiatives and programs.

"I believe many people can find Nintendo's approach to 'expand gaming population' has been realised with Nintendo DS and Wii. At the same time, we are facing the challenge to do it continuously," said Iwata, adding that "As the range of customers has expanded so widely, their likes and intentions are much more diversified than before."

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DrRobotnik3515d ago

How bout an HD update. 360 did it with the 1080p. Hell, Soul caliber 2 on Xbox could display in 1080i/720p. Nintendo WTF!

madjedi3515d ago

So much for the wii, being a pure game console and nintendo fanboys used to brag about the wii being the only true game only system, vs the ps3/360 going beyond just gaming.

And the reason the wii will never do hd graphics is because it's hardware is lacking the horsepower to do so.