Joystiq interview: Zipper Interactive's Russ Phillips on MAG


"Last week we had the honor of being some of the first people outside Sony to try out MAG, Zipper Interactive's first game on the PS3. While you can find out a lot of information from our hands-on report, we wanted a bit more insight into one of the most ambitious shooters to come along in recent memory. Russ Phillips, art director for MAG, was kind enough to answer some of the questions that came up during our extended demo of the game. Hit the jump for the full interview."

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Carbide73514d ago

"Do you have any idea about the number of weapons available?
Geez, I'm not sure -- I know there's more than 70. I mean there are a ton of weapons that you can unlock as you level up."

I'm sold.

Lanontscuz3514d ago

70!!! cmon beta lets get it on!!!!

Ps_alm3k3514d ago

that is too much??? no way
welcome to the gun show!!

crazyclown3513d ago

sweet, beta would be sweet to try out