Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 PSN Demo is a Major Tease

PlayStation LifeStyle writes:

"I was overtaken by excitement, one of my all-time favorite fighting games was coming to the PSN, and this week a demo was being released in the PS Store. Patiently I await the PS Store weekly update until finally it's live. The update finally arrives, and I proceed to download. More patiently waiting while the 198MB demo downloads and installs.

Yay! The Marvel Vs. Capcom demo is finally here… Oh wait..."

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butterfinger3487d ago

was a MAJOR tease. You basically get to play against a friend with 6 OK characters and that's ALL you can do. I'm slightly regretting selling my PS2 version two days ago... I really appreciate the 16:9 widescreen, I will say that.

darthv723487d ago

at least I still have my DC version. How does the demo compare image wise to the PS2?

butterfinger3487d ago

looks a bit better than the PS2 version. The graphics defaulted to crisp, which seem to look the best. I'm pretty sure this build is based off of the DC version, though, so it looks pretty great in "classic" graphics as well. The custom soundtrack feature is a major plus.

sack_boi3487d ago (Edited 3487d ago )

Unless you have two controllers, you can't even play the demo. You're stuck in the menu. It's laughable. They might as well have not released a demo at all

Seriously, how much corporate junk must we, the public, suck to get a decent MvC2 demo?

butterfinger3487d ago

that kids like sack_boi can't be happy that the game is coming out at all as a downloadable title. If you want to play the game, why don't you try to find yourself a copy somewhere? You could keep b!tching and spend over $50 on a hard copy, or you could just STFU and wait to pay your $14.99 for the game in a month or two. People should be happy that we got a demo at all since it was just announced at the beginning of the week.

DarkSavior3487d ago

to see something weird the wall climb move with Stryder and you'll see that the 16:9 is is just the view but the playing field is still really 4:3!!!

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rajman3487d ago

Luckily Ive got 3 pad so just turned on the 2nd to bash the standing opponent....but how is someone with just 1 pad supposed to play this 2 player only demo?

butterfinger3487d ago

stated in the description that it was a 2-player only demo. I was still happy to see how it's going to look.

Baka-akaB3487d ago (Edited 3487d ago )

they said it in all of the announcements officials or otherwise , people have been raving and drooling about since the last few days

butterfinger3487d ago

that downloads demos from the Playstation Store goes to gaming forums/websites to see press releases. They could've simply said it in the description, so that people wouldn't waste their time if they only had one controller or no one around to try it out with.

s8anicslayer3487d ago

It seemed a little wierd that it is a 2 player only demo, what do you do if you have no one to play with? but his game brings back so many memories. I can't wait for the full release I've been itching to play this game for the longest. Two years ago I wasgoing to buy the DC version on ebay for around 80$ I'm glad I didn't

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SoleWiz3487d ago

a waste of demo and memory

darthv723487d ago

go try the multiplayer bionic commando on 360. It should satisfy your needs.

kingOVsticks3487d ago

they could have atleast had a small single player match or a practice mode. Not sure why capcom is being so stingy on a almost 10 year old game

NDN_Shadow3487d ago

You can't even PLAY this demo if you don't have a second controller.

NegativeCreepWA3487d ago

I'm glad I read this I was going to download it. I would of been pissed if I did and couldn't play it.

skip2mylou3487d ago

its only 184mb so it wouldnt really matter

[email protected]3487d ago

Well, hopefully the game add trophies ^^

butterfinger3487d ago

have already been confirmed for this one, which is the main reason I decided to go ahead and sell my PS2 copy.

-EvoAnubis-3487d ago

Trophies and custom soundtracks have been confirmed.

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