Editorial: Fallout 1.5 Patch and PS3 Expansions

Jordan Lund examines the recent content downloads for Fallout 3, why the PS3 isn't seeing any patches or expansions, and predicts when PlayStation 3 owners will see Operation Anchorage, The Pitt and Broken Steel - in a seperate Fallout 3 "Game of the Year" edition.

Excerpt: "So, hey, you say to yourself, fourteen cents isn't that big of a deal. Until you realize that there are potentially more than a million downloaders. That $0.14 rapidly balloons to $194,600 if all 1.39 million PS3 players download both updates. Even if we're to be conservative and say that only 500,000 people download both packages, that still represents an extra $70,000 to be carried by Bethesda.

In the face of this, there is simply no incentive for developers to release their products for download on the PS3: better to wait and do a "Game of the Year" package or something similar and avoid losing profits and dev costs to what is effectively a "download tax" that is not attached on competing platforms - in the meantime forcing game owners to pay for another full game that includes the extra content."

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Dom63903487d ago

The content is not on PSN because Bethesda has an exclusive contract with Microsoft to give the Xbox and pc "substantial add-ons". Plus the bug fixes that Bethesda give to all version apart from PS3 wouldnt be subject to the download charge. Sony do not put the charge on patches only on stuff off the store so I see no reason why the PS3 version hasn't had the bug fixes.

Eddie201013486d ago

I believe the recent patches to the Xbox 360 and PC versions of Fallout 3 were specifically for the downloadable content, or in preporation for it. So since the PS3 version isn't getting the downloadable content, they wouldn't be getting the patches that pertain to them.

IdleLeeSiuLung3486d ago (Edited 3486d ago )

The only downside to the PSN fee for publishers only affects free stuff such as patches, demos and free DLC.

Paid DLC will just have a smaller profit margin for developers. It might not be profitable enough to make DLC for the PS3 due to the download tax, but it is unlikely. I mean $10 for the DLC, $0.16/GB is less than 2%. I highly doubt 2% is enough to sway a developer from making the content.

Stuff happens behind the scene so who knows, but so far it doesn't appear content on PSN is affected. Just look at the MvC2 demo....

Kleptic3486d ago

this guy misuses the 'incentive' aspect of the PSN though...its not that there is no incentive to release DLC on the PSN...its that there is no incentive to do that on the PSN and on XBL...

Sony will PAY the development cost of the DLC if its exclusive to the PSN...that goes for DLC and games...but won't if the stuff shows up on other services...

but yeah...Fallout is in MS's pants right now...this isn't them shouldering the PSN just because of that 14 cent download fee...but because they are playing 'the long one in the wrong one' with MS instead...whatever...Sony's new reimbursement plan will ensure plenty of exclusive dlc and online games over the next few years, it won't really matter...

Jaces3486d ago

Wish they would've told us this sooner so I could've rather bought the GoTY edition....oh well.

I aint buying the damn game again just for some extra content, forget it. If they want my money, then make a damn patch.

morganfell3486d ago

Let me deflect that morons words back at him. In a GOTY package for a game that isn't close in quality or play to being GOTY, amidst a flood of great PS3 titles there is simply no incentive for PS3 owners to buy.

Immortal Kaim3486d ago (Edited 3486d ago )

Ouch Morganfell, a tad harsh don't you think? Fallout 3 won many GotY awards and deservingly so, the scope of the game is mighty impressive, even if you aren't a fan of the genre.

I still think it is ridiculous that consumers who purchased your product aren't given the full array of DLC to expand their experience, a bit of a kick in the teeth I must say.

UnwanteDreamz3486d ago (Edited 3486d ago )

Very poor math. This arguement is very flimsy and simple speculation at best.

If you are going to make these kinds of claims you need to do the research and find out if it is indeed profitable or not.

You can not make an intelligent statement on profitability without knowing the cost of bringing DLC from development to the PSN store.

When you can show me those numbers support your claims I will take this seriously.

morganfell3486d ago

No it isn't harsh. I and a great many people I know grew tired of going in one building after another, scrapping by on ammo and tons of stupid mutants stomping back and forth. They do not eat or socialize they were just like all the other VAC cannon fodder. Dumb, dumb, dumb. This game is one overhyped piece of crap.

I hardly ever, almost never get rid of a title. I have done it a very few times. This was one of them. Instead of post apocalyptic MAD Maxesque environments we get this:

Tell me someone else saw the resemblance.

Instead of Taarna or the B-17 we get the Captain Sternn episode.

Uninteresting as hell. Hopefully Rage is shaping up to be what Fallout 3 should have been. Actually, Fallout 3 should have been anything except what it was - a blight on the soul of the original and it's sequel.

Immortal Kaim3486d ago

Point taken, you don't like the game, though a great many people would disagree with your statements. Anyway everyone is entitled to their opinion though, so thanks for the clarification.

Lifendz3486d ago

Bubbles up. That's exactly why Bethesda isn't releasing this DLC on PS3. And you know what, it cost them my 65 bucks. Yeah, I was really hyped for Fallout 3. Sounded like a cool concept, I'm RPG starved, and Bethesda isn't known for making short games.

But once I heard that the PS3 version was visually inferior (not by much but still) and wasn't getting any DLC, I opted to use that money and buy something else.

I sorta wish Devs would just make the entire game exclusive if they're going to do this sort of thing.

IaMs123485d ago

He is right that MS paid for this DLC so its exculsive to the 360 just like GTA4 DLC. SO why do people still think PS3 is getting DLC as well? Maybe when ever there contract voids perhaps? who knows.

You bought a great game anyway and it sucks not getting DLC but this is the same thing as say Mirrors Edge DLC that PS3 folks got and so on you know.

MS picked a great game to secure DLC for.

I dont see Xbox only players complaining that they dont get FF13 Versus but every article i see PS3 people bragging about it and i saw Xbox360 players trying to brag about this DLC before but many people blew it off saying who cares its just DLC. Really now, is that fair that they get Versus and the 360 dont, they will buy the game and wouldnt they want their experience lengthened as well?

pain777pas3485d ago

Compared to what we gave them collectively that is nothing. Oh please spare me your whining Bethesda. million alone * 60. What do you get enough money to cover the tab I think. But were not good enough. Bethesda again from my heart to yours.......F^CK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!


LOL! Don't fell for the flamebait people.

In case you guys don't get it, that Sony DL tax is paid by gamers. It's not like DLC comes for free and publishers have to pay for we play it, they'll just pass on the cost on the price of your map pack and what not...

After all, regardless of platform, you'll have to pay to use the infrastructure. The difference here is that Sony only wants extra money on what we actively DL, the "free" online play and all the rest of the PSN is probably paid within the 60US$ of the games we buy.

While that MS asks the same 60 bucks for game, probably has a cut just as great or bigger than that of Sony (seing how most 3rd parties are making more money on PS3) and still asks you 50 bucks per year on P2P online play.

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OGharryjoysticks3487d ago

Developers include all this stuff on the bluray disc when they release the game - what a novel idea. It's not like there isn't enough room.

Godmars2903486d ago

As far as I know, don't all versions pf Oblivion still have major glitches?

Eddie201013486d ago

There are ways to fix imperfect code, its called a patch, which we are getting for most games these days anyway.

Kleptic3486d ago

yeah Oblivion still has complete game breaking glitches on all versions...all are related to broken quests though...tutorials online show you what order to do certain things on to prevent it...but the main story often, as you could easily find yourself stuck in a quest looking for someone and them not being where you need them to be...

Godmars2903486d ago

Except the PS3 isn't getting them. Is literally being treated as a 2nd class citizen.

Bethesda and other developers reward for certain consumers buying their product...

IaMs123485d ago

Ya true, and Valve is guilty of this as well but for your information about these patches is that they are preparing for the DLC to come. And the one before that was to add something back into the game that was already taking out which the PS3 already had anyway. SO the 360 got the less end in the first place.

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ghostface3487d ago

I thought the charge would only apply to files 1gig and up?

Dom63903487d ago

no its charged per Gig downloaded, so a 800MB file will not cost the whole 16cent

MGOelite3487d ago

ill tell you why the ps3 isnt havent the expansions, bethesda wallets just got a little bit fatter courtesy of microsoft

nefertis3486d ago

Yeah I know, M$ need to invest in first party titles.

grashopper3486d ago

Sony may charge...but I have a hard time believing MS charges them nothing.

PirateThom3486d ago

Nope, Microsoft doesn't charge publishers, they have Live subs instead.

grashopper3486d ago

They take cash from sales though dont they. I thought I heard it was a bit

IdleLeeSiuLung3486d ago

There is no reports MS is charging for content. In fact, they probably encourage people to put content on there. It basically adds another reason why Live is "supposedly" better than PSN and justifies the cost.

Furthermore, there is a good chance profit margins on Live is probably lower due to MS higher cut to subsidize the download. It all works out the same....

Kleptic3486d ago

MS still charges publishers certification fees to put content on XBL...but they don't pay a bandwidth fee...MS thought it would be better to charge the end user that instead of their 'business partners'...

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