Red Steel 2: Wii's Last Hope for the Hardcore?

Kombo Writes: "The Wii has not really made a reputation for itself as a "core" gaming console. That's not to say that there aren't such games available; there are in fact some fantastic games for the console. Of course, a number are from Nintendo themselves, while it seems that third-parties have found themselves struggling to pull in the numbers they see on other platforms with traditional games, minus a few exceptions here and there. "

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ChickeyCantor3514d ago

Sad that FPS have always been the core for "hardcore" gamers.

The focuss is more on The conduit for now(yes another FPS game), i think if that game will sell bad developers will reconsider their acts.

I hope RE2 will be great, and hope that HVS will have success.
But its sad that FPS is the only thing to save the whole hardcore so many people that is.

F-zero baby, thats all i need right now =(.

Shadow Flare3514d ago

When i hear the words 'wii' and 'hardcore' in the same sentance, i laugh a little. And then i laugh a lot. And then i jean back in my chair and give a good hearty burst of laughter. And then i jean forward on my chair and pound the desk with my fist while laughing uncontrollably, while tears are streaming down my face. And then i hold my sides because that hurt. They hurt because of all the laughter i was experiencing. And then i calm down, and feel a little bad, because the person who said wii is hardcore too was actually serious.

And then i fall off my chair laughing

ChickeyCantor3514d ago (Edited 3514d ago )

Right shadow, go have your deluded sense of logic and claim that "hardcore" is what you think it is.

The definition of "hardcore" has ben twisted, bend and brutally raped.

The likes of you are the cancer to the gaming community. The likes of you who ignore games, even though they can be fun or in fact great. Instead the likes of you b/tch about resolution output and processing power.
You are hardcore you say? Well then be hardcore, be that miserable pile of idioticy(no its not a word i guess, but i sure like the sound of it).

But enough talk,
I'm sleepy.

Shadow Flare3514d ago

Wow sidar, i said nothing about technical prowess. I just said i had a good laugh.

If you want a serious response, then no, a hardcore game isn't defined by genre or hardware power. But if i was a hardcore gamer, which i am, the wii would be the last console on my list, honestly. That's if it even makes it on the list. The wii might have a couple of hardcore games, but i would quickly focus my attention to the ps3 or 360 if i were to purchase only 1 console and if i were a hardcore gamer

ChickeyCantor3514d ago (Edited 3514d ago )

" i said nothing about technical prowess"
Im talking in general, not directly at you.

" . But if i was a hardcore gamer, which i am, the wii would be the last console on my list, honestly"

Me who has been gaming for about ~18 years, you could consider that "hardcore" right?
So i don't understand your " But if i was a hardcore gamer, which i am, the wii would be the last console on my list, honestly" cause its just a stereotype you put here.

I don't like the use of the word "hardcore" cause it lost its definition, but by no means is your " statement " true, cause i'm "hardcore" too and going by your statement, it doesn't fit. Hell its not even making sense.

A hardcore gamer would play anything, period.

Its sad that gamers need to call themselves "hardcore" to tell people they have some sort of "rank" or a status making them better as a gamer. Playing tetris to get 999 lines is "hardcore", and lets just consider thats meant to be a "casual" game.

The whole "casual" VS "hardcore" BS is just way out of place.
Its not even making sense.

As for your " if i were to purchase only 1 console "
I also have a PS3, if you can't afford more then its a miss but not buying another console just because you are fanboy oriented is just weak and pathetic and not "hardcore" at all.
( and no i didn't say you were onesided on the fanboy part)

Shadow Flare3514d ago

In fact sidar, if you saw my game collection, i'm sure you'd take back what you said. I own some of the worst games ever and still enjoy them (like fantastic four on ps1) and have games that span every genre. I even own Talkman for psp. I've owned 2 nintendo systems and every playstation system. Some of the most time i've spent on games have been on games that no-one would ever call hardcore. Yes i have played the wii numerous times. And i still think compared to the ps3, it is awful. My opinion. The wii has its hardcore games, but nothing in the league of ps3 and 360. So while i purposely exaggerated my first comment, that is why i laugh when people think a hardcore gamer would choose wii over ps3 and 360. It has nothing on them

ChickeyCantor3514d ago (Edited 3514d ago )

" So while i purposely exaggerated my first comment, that is why i laugh when people think a hardcore gamer would choose wii over ps3 and 360. It has nothing on them"

I don't recall me going on about people picking a console over another.
Neither did you give the impression you were talking about that.

All you said was that the words wii and hardcore in one sentence make you laugh.
There is a difference you know.

And no im not taking back what i said, im talking in general.
My point is that people actually need to justify themselve by calling themselves hardcore and while they are at it, they want to miss out.

Nothing hardcore about that, rather pathetic.

Shadow Flare3514d ago

Well look, all im saying is the majority of wii's games are garbage mini games and mario spin-offs. Nobody in their right mind will spend hours on end playing Rayman Raving Rabbids. That is a game for the casual market, the market which doesn't spend hours on games. Ps3 and 360 have a much better variety of deeper, longer lasting games which you can easily spend hours on, ie. games for the hardcore market. Im not saying the wii doesn't have those titles that would appeal to hardcore gamers, willing to pink hours into them. But the majority of titles on the wii are something you'd play with other people, not by yourself. The wii is not a console a hardcore gamer would exclusively own, my opinion.

N4g_null3514d ago

Shadow Flare stop spamming this post ok. To claim we would take what we said back when we look at your collection is pretty delusional either way you are still an A hole that probable doesn't have any games I would want to play any way.

If all you can see is mini games then I can not see you as hardcore at all. The line up of games on the Wii and it's casual success makes it so only a true hardcore gamer would love it. You see I don't see any casual games at all only BWii, mad world, NMH, excite truck, MP3, papermario, conduit, etc. I mean if you can't get past cooking mama then that's your short coming.

What is even worst is at least the Wii has good casual games as your HD system of choice has no good casual games at all! I mean they can not even get casual gaming right!

What makes me laugh is how MS and SONY got you guys to spend so much on systems that are basically just like the ones you bought last gen minus the fan base and games that are fun. Hey but you HD guys are showing up for a reason. Your interested and you just need a nintendo fanboy to flame you so you can have a reason to not like nintendo again right?

It's ok E3 is going to be fun and it's ok if you are not loyal to your system of choice. I mean you can't help it when your system claims to be so hardcore yet only 1.5 million people show up to buy a game that deserves so much better right? Welcome to the club brother. It's been like that for a long time! The popular system gets all the attention. Yeah I know it sucks but guess what once every thing gets going 3rd parties will have more money to make guess what HD GAMES!

Seriously I work on those games too and really the HD crowd just isn't into games the way every one though they where and the industry needs the Wii right now to recoup and get ready for next gen! We all taken a great beating but every thing will be in order soon.

ZuperAmazingCooKie3513d ago


I think the only reason Red Steel sold a lot more than other "Hardcore" titles is the fact that it was an overhyped launch title, sold as if it was reinventing the FPS genre. It's likely that it won't be as big a flop as MadWorld was given the sales of the first game.

Good luck.

N4g_null3513d ago

ZuperAmazingCooKie there are a lot of rays of hope out there now.

Dynamic slash
Demon blade
Red steels 2
Rogue trooper
The calling
Valhalla knights
Sin and punishment 2
Arc Rise
boy and his blob
Samshow anthology
the core ganag
phantom brave
blom blox2
punch out
rune factory
tales ten
tact of magic
spawn smasher
motion+ and pretty much anything using it.

More will be announced publisher need to make money now and hype does not pay.

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SinnedNogara3514d ago

The thing is, the first game sold 1 million units. It had to generate some sort of fanbase, so that fanbase will buy it.

The Wii has hardcore games that have sold more than 1 million units.

Call of Duty: World at War
Red Steel
Star Wars: The Force Unleashed
Resident Evil 4
Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles

So this could succeed.

the wii is a system that can appeal to both casual and hardcore.

MegaPowa3514d ago

wow shadow...your just weird that's not even remotely funny maybe to a serious nerd but wow but then again your just one of those trolls who love visiting the wii section daily to bash it so it shouldn't be a surprise to me

Reibooi3514d ago

In my opinion there is no hope for hardcore games on Wii. If games like Madworld and No More Hero's didn't do it then there is no way a game like Red Steel 2 will.

n4f3514d ago

no more hero did it and there is a sequel comming along
wtf are u talking about

ChickeyCantor3514d ago

He is obviously reffering to the install base.
But then again Okami and Godhand didn't do well on the PS2( with an install base of 120).

CloverStudio/platinum games is just jinxed to have a huuuuge success with their games. its a shame =(.

N4g_null3514d ago

Hell sidar I can do better than that how come res evil 5 is not selling to 4 million in a nothing but hardcore fanbase? Last time I checked it barely beat the Wii-make 4 on the Wii in sells? WTF is going on with the HD gamers?

jay23514d ago

The Wii is for babies in nappies/diapers.
15/Teen 18/M games have proven that.

nerubii3514d ago

thanks for your hardworking research. you must have spent days and nights working on it. are you mentally challenged?

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