Top Digital Downloads of April

TGR runs down the best and the worst in the realm of digital downloads during the month of April.

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SlamVanderhuge3393d ago

Outrun is a blast...makes me wish that Sega still made new games like that.

shoinan3393d ago

Actually, I'll go do that now.

italianbreadman3393d ago

I'mm gonna have to try that.

reddevilyi3393d ago

I wasn't really interested in any of that DLC. Puzzle Quest has always bored me to tears.

tehk1w13393d ago

Best DLC this week was Peggle for WoW. Hands down.

italianbreadman3393d ago

Peggle for anything is automatically bad.

NeverforgetNES3393d ago

OUTFUN is more like it haha wow that was more lame than originally intended

DK_Switch3393d ago (Edited 3393d ago )

No no ... it was pretty much exactly as lame as you intended.

And by "lame," I mean AWESOME! *high five*

cain1413393d ago

I can't wait to try out left 4 dead!

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