Games that Should have Been Co-op

That Gaming Site writes: "Since the inception of video games, designers have done their best to incorporate a system that allows two people to play on a single console. Tennis for Two, Pong, etcetera, all had systems in place that worked well. Despite the consumer desire for co-op play the final decision on whether to include the mode or not is exclusively in the hands of the developer. That being said, here are a few titles we wish would have had co-op play."

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Elven63512d ago

Golden Axe, why SEGA why!!!!

pangitkqb3512d ago

Golden Axe was one of the best early gaming series in history. What happened is truly sad. Co-op really may have helped.

Nelson M3512d ago

I Know technically the BoTs think its co op
But What with all the Lag the Xbox Suffers
There is No Chance that you would ever get a Good co op Game

Hell the Xbox even Suffers Lag on the Dashboard

jimineyscrickets3512d ago

makes me drool. what a great game. Co-op would have made it even better.

Elven63512d ago

I haven't played heavenly sword, but I hope to one day.

krazy14kraz3512d ago

Holy Moly, if Fallout 3 had online co-op it would've been such a good game. Not that it is already. But it would have made it so much cooler.

Grown Folks Talk3512d ago

a game like Assassins Creed with co-op. Where you could set up your targets with 1 player & get the kill with the other. Cause distractions & what not. If done properly, it could be awesome. Up the replay value for sure.

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