Walkthroughs: Lazy gamer crutch or guilt-free group aid?

From the Globe and Mail:

"[Braid developer Jonathan Blow's] admonition of those who would seek help for his game struck me as pointless and perhaps even slightly elitist. Some people are simply better puzzle solvers than others. Would he rather see a player walk away from his game out of frustration than jump on a forum for a little assistance? There is a word used to describe people who don't ask for help when help is needed, and that word is stubborn.

[Wired's Clive] Thompson, ever the elegant persuader, wrote in his April column: "Most [gamers] play puzzle video games alone, dipping into walkthroughs only when they get truly stuck and then only briefly, like a temporary brain enhancement."

The crux of his argument is that some people enjoy solving puzzles alone, and some prefer doing it as part of a group, or, in his words, "a neuron in a much bigger intelligence." In this case, that bigger intelligence is a group of gamers connecting online to swap solutions and create ad-hoc game guides..."

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