Gamereactor: Runes of Magic review

Gamereactor have reviewed free-to-play MMORPG Runes of Magic, here's a quote that sums up the review:

"Runes of Magic, despite all the bad things a few paragraphs up, is fun. It's simple enough for anyone new to MMOs to quickly grasp the basics, while having a depth at higher levels that will keep MMO veterans busy. It combines the streamlining of World of Warcraft while keeping the harsher realities (such as experience debt at death) from other, older games.

Also, the live development team is hard at work and many new features have already been patched into the game since launch, including a horse race and a new, high-level area. With the guild castles to rally around, the game has something for guilds to rally around and stick around for, which is always good news for a MMO that needs a breathing and living world to feel...alive. To be a virtual world, you need people to inhabit it, after all.

Given time, and players that are hungry enough for mounts and furniture for their houses to pay up cash for diamonds, Runes of Magic can become quite successful. And the more successful it becomes, the more eyes around the world will open up for the f2p-model. Runes of Magic, despite being developed by a rather small company and being published by a fairly small publisher, could very well be, together with Sony's Free Realms, one of the most important MMOs to be released this year."

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