Iwata responds to Sony's claim that the Wii owns the closet

Last week, Sony made a comment that the Wii owns the closet. Now Satoru Iwata has responded to that statement.

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RememberThe3573487d ago

I still thinks that comment was funny.

And honestly I have my PS3 and my 360 hooked up to my t.v. I'd have my Wii hooked up too but my brother uses it. My point is that there are usually enough inputs on a t.v. to hook up all your systems and leave them there.

meepmoopmeep3487d ago


waggle in the closet, i mean, i wouldn't do it with people around.


solidjun53487d ago

I see a R.Kelly video down the line on youtube. :)

iamtehpwn3487d ago

...and yet, my Ps2 gets a ton of play still, despite my PS3 and 360 ownership.

Harry_Manback3487d ago

360 owns the back of a UPS truck.

pixelsword3486d ago

...Forgive him Father, for he knows not what he does.

fear883486d ago

You mean to tell me Iwata, that the Wii is a console?


nerubii3486d ago

erm.. i do hope you understand what it means by console because it would be funny if you don't.
"i'm on the hills"


N4g_null3486d ago

WOW the internet is getting corny and cornier ever time a new Wii games is announced? Nintendo already has the casuals and now the 3rd parties will bring them the hardcore. It's pretty simple go for the hard sell first the new comers that grounded many of you from playing video games to the one that will jump ship as soon as your fav game comes out.

All that laughing is going to get real boring pretty soon. LOL
At least you aren't all cursing because I know you are running out of things to say.

Traveler3486d ago

Personally the Wii interests me very little.

I have always bought nearly every console every generation, but the Wii is a disappointment to me.

Moreover, I know several people that bought into the Wii hype early on and now virtually never use their Wiis.

If I actually owned a Wii it might not be in the closet, but it doubt I would be playing it much.

All-33486d ago

Haha... someone else musta said that about Nintendo's Wii... it wasn't Sony, right morganfell?

poopface13486d ago


I have owned a ps1/ps2 but I cant stand the way Sony keeps owning themselves. They are like the loudmouth that keeps talking after having their teeth knocked out.

AKNAA3486d ago

The wii gathers dust while owning the closet.
The 360 owns the Return center.
The Ps3 owns my HDTV.

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Slime3487d ago

Wii owns the closet? I didn't think there was enough room in there for a Wii and morganfell.

At least my PS3 fits snugly into the bin!

sack_boi3487d ago

Wii owns the closet and the PS3 owns the trash can.

fuckoffodion3487d ago

You mean like the garbage you write on N4G boi_sack?

Why don't you sell your PS3 (if you have one...), if you think it's so trash.

sack_boi3487d ago

It's just a piece of plastic. I use it to play games, I don't respect it or make love to it unlike some people. Take a chill pill, insult the X360 or something.

Sony Rep3487d ago (Edited 3487d ago )

Killzone 2 rocks

Shadow Flare3487d ago

I made my ps3 a waist coat

gumgum993487d ago

lol, Is that even possible?

fuckoffodion3486d ago

Unlike you, I actually think all 3 systems are cool. They play great games. It's a piece of plastic.

Trebius3486d ago

But I really hate

He's such a hater...hahaha.

Get a life kid. I suggest you dig the ps3 out of the trash and donate it to a nearby science research center. They can use it to provide us with a cure for the swine flu!

Sharpshell3486d ago

bubbles for best response of the day, and for making me laugh!

Sensible and pertinent

nerubii3486d ago

great insights you have there guys! i didnt know you could put a ps3 to good use! keep it up!

Sharpshell3486d ago

I think the point is that no system belong in the trash (preverbial or not) and its funny because of the silly cancer research thing and everyone going nuts over hte swine flu...

You know not everyone on n4g spends their time trying to lobby for one console or another in some stupid competion

ANd I'm not saying there isn't a so-called "console war" I'm saying that too jackasses arguing with each other over whether the 360 or ps3 is better when they have both made there choice is stupid

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solidjun53487d ago

I think I'm going to make haste.

TheBand1t3487d ago


XxZxX3487d ago

at least his respond is not, "HAHAHHAHAHAHAAHA"