Pirates, Stealing Money, Affecting You

From Captain Richard Phillips, to Captain Fatbeard, pirates seem to have been in the news a lot lately. The pirates I'm thinking of though are not the dangerous and deadly ones prowling the Somalian coasts. No, I speak of course about e-pirates. While unlikely to kill or kidnap you, they do their fair share of financial plundering and are actually more likely to have a direct impact on you, the honest consumers.

When news broke out over the startling numbers surrounding the release of Demigod, companies and developers were given yet another reason to step up their efforts to combat piracy. While the game only sold 18,000 copies, over 120,000 attempted to log online.

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Kakkoii3486d ago

Because 102,000 wanted to try the game out first before deciding if the company deserved their money.

Result: Turns out the game sucked bawls and nobody wanted to buy it.

Piracy hardly hurts. If anything it's making companies want to make the best games they can, not just churn out crap. Back in the day people usually bought a game to try it, or if they were lucky got demo's. No longer is that the case. Also a large majority of pirates can't afford to buy every game that get's released. They buy the games they can afford, and then pirate the rest.