GrE Vitals: Brutal Legend

GrE writes, "Coming from the mind of Tim Schafer and Double Fine Productions, Brutal Legend is a 3rd person Action/Metal adventure. Rich in combat, imagery and storytelling, Brutal Legend looks to deliver lighter-flicking fun that, in the words of the developer, "is sure to melt your face clean off." Take a peak at all Brutal Legend has to offer, we'll keep the melting of faces for the full review."

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bgrundman3184d ago

Any game with Tim Schafer's name on it has my undivided attention.

Neco5123184d ago

Yeah, that too! Psyconauts was amazing!

bgrundman3184d ago

I wish I had bought Psyconauts when it came out. I would have loved to support the guy.

CrAppleton3184d ago

Well.. now you can support him through this game!

MacGyver133184d ago

had jack thompson spent his time being against games like this, he would probably still be allowed to practice law.

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Neco5123184d ago

Game looks pretty cool, I like the fact that Jack Black is in it

CrAppleton3184d ago

YEAH!! Jack Black rocks! The fact that he's in this game has already sold it.. IMO

supercharger51503184d ago

I'm ALL for Metal becoming a gaming genre. lol, awesome

Neco5123184d ago

hell yeah! Metal rocks! Good to see more people getting in to it

bgrundman3184d ago

Waiting for the Guitar Hero minigames.

Neco5123184d ago

What?? guitar hero mini games? in this game?

xabmol3183d ago

"What genre is it?"


\,,/ (>.<) \,,/


Love the metal, especially the melodic death.

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supercharger51503184d ago (Edited 3184d ago )

Also, the story seems a little hokey for my taste, but I guess it has to be to believe a dude in a metal band would actually accomplish saving the world...
But I'm still totally gonna buy it!

kingOVsticks3183d ago

yea I think the story was put on the back burner and the programmers probably just focused on how Metal and badass they can make the game.

MacGyver133184d ago

what a waste of a game programmers time

killyourfm3183d ago

Seriously? Why do you say that?

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The story is too old to be commented.