New Footage of Tiger Woods 10 Disc Golf Mode

GamesAreEvil writes, "The Tiger Woods golf franchise has been popular for many years, but none expected it to reach the levels of success that is has achieved on the Nintendo Wii. Using the Wii's intelligent "waggle" based interface, the game has found a natural home on the platform. It has been so popular, in fact, that over the last two years the Wii version has sold better than its counterparts on both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Not only is this an exciting development for the series, but it is a value add for the much larger Nintendo fan base. Adding Disc Golf support to every course must have been a huge undertaking. Check out the video explaining the new mode in depth..."

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Neco5123487d ago

Disc golf? What is this Disc golf you speak of?

CrAppleton3487d ago

It's a lame version of real golf.. :P

bgrundman3487d ago

Don't be a jerk... disc golf is alot of fun.

Spolodaface3487d ago

Looks pretty interesting. They must be running out of ideas for their frequent updates though.

CrAppleton3487d ago

In all seriousness though.. that's pretty cool for fans of disc golf

bgrundman3487d ago

I was thrilled when I read it.

Neco5123487d ago

I bet you were you disc golfer you

ammonator3487d ago

He isn't the only one! Disc Golf for the win!

supercharger51503487d ago

Looks like this will be great on Wii. Like an addition to Wii Sports.

SpoonyRedMage3487d ago

I thought for a minute it meant it was on 10 discs!

ChickeyCantor3487d ago

Its not on the 360 silly...

( I KID lol, don't eat me, hahah)

bigjclassic3487d ago

I never thought I'd buy a Tiger Woods game, but this maybe a must buy. Disc Golf looks fun.

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