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Submitted by DC RID3R 3245d ago | news

Sony PS3 hit by £10m in cancellations

The long-awaited UK launch of Sony's PlayStation 3 (PS3) games console has been marred by the cancellation of more than £10m worth of orders from retailers and consumers.

Retail industry sources claim the electronics giant has had as many as 20,000 pre-orders of the £425 console cancelled in the run-up to its delayed launch last Friday.

There have been none of the stock shortages typical of earlier console launches and the majority of the cancelled pre-orders are believed to have come from speculators hoping to sell the units on eBay for a profit.

Virgin Megastores claims to have ordered significantly more PS3 consoles than rival Nintendo Wiis or Xbox 360s, both of which sold out within 48 hours of hitting the shops before Christmas. However, it has sold only two-thirds of the several thousand PS3s available in its UK stores.

In an attempt to generate buzz around the launch, Sony offered a free Bravia TV worth £2000 to the first 125 gamers to purchase a console.

"The launch of the Play-Station 3 has been a victim of its own success,' said Stephen Lynne, senior promotions and partnerships manager at Virgin Megastores. 'There are so many available that consumers know they can get one when-ever they want." (Industry, PS3)

SuperSaiyan4  +   3245d ago
Its because
Sony are stupid and desperate had to give HDTV's away to give themselves some positive publicity because no one else would, then paid some twat on GamerTV to act like a complete and utter idiot of a Sony fanboy.

Oh and does everyone know that the HDTV still does not come with a HDMI cable? HAHAHAHAHA

nice pic! LMFAO!!

Hey Rider pass some positive feedback my way will ya done for you matey! ;-D
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DC RID3R  +   3245d ago
" paid some twat on GamerTV to act like a complete and utter idiot of a Sony fanboy".
I thought i was the ONLY one who noticed that :]

Gamer TV + The Gadget show are both backed primarily by sony supported companies. Not hating, just pointing out the fact that there's always 2 sides to a story. When you watch gamer TV or the gadget show, your watching sony. 0.o

But the REAL question is..............

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shikwan  +   3245d ago
That was just wrong! You can kill somebody with a gut shot, man. And that clearly was below the belt! lol
Chexd  +   3245d ago
lol i saw the gadget show on channel 5 last night too.

i laughed loads when he said "photo relaistic graphics" at Resitiance fall of man!

Nothing against the Ps3 at all...i even have one...but the graphics are not that strong when compared to the xbox 360's GOW or the Ps3's own motorstorm. IMO Res fall of man was kinda rubbish and dont even get me started on the animation. They should have showed off Motorstorm.

That aside- just reminding people that the people who turned up didnt know they would get a it wasnt an incentive(comment #1).

Sony couldn't win after the delay in my opinion. Not enough consoles to create a demand due to shortage would result in outrage as Europe has had to wait long enough already. Too many consoles makes people take their time to buy.

It will be interesting to see how it all works out.

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Chexd  +   3245d ago
Sorry for double post :)

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GaMr-  +   3245d ago

Does it really matter as long as people buy it?
rowdy 1  +   3245d ago
is not allowed on this website. Quit crying. B1tch
Says you  +   3245d ago
SuperSaiyan4 your the ulitmate stupid gamer here
Considering that you dont even know what your talking about and lieing to yourself 247 and the reason why Sony gave a free HDTV is for the patient gamers that has been waiting all night for morning to get a PS3 unlike you SuperSaiyan4 your more retarded than a sack of dildos and Sony isnt desperate when actually thats what you think. you would have to be extremely retarded in every way to actually believe your own words when you didnt even read the article in why Sony gave free HDTV for gamers that waited to get there PS3 and plus your just jealous cause Sony is doing well in europe than the XBox 360 and Chagy may be the reason why that Sony didnt advertise it cause they wanted to be a suprise have you thought of that d0uche bag.
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spug  +   3245d ago
WTF!!! PS3 is in market just 4 days... how can she doing well in just 4 days... How can she doing well if you go to a Store, and you can buy 1,2,3,4 and 5 PS3... Let's wait and see!!
lilwingman  +   3245d ago
People cancelled their pre-orders, so they could just walk into a store and buy one instead? Sounds like a good thing to me.
kewlkat007  +   3245d ago
So where
was the Free HDTV's in Japan or the States?

Last minute Publicity, thats all that was...
Chagy  +   3245d ago
the people dint know they were gonna get TV's get yall facts str8
xfrgtr  +   3245d ago
People cancelled their pre-orders according to "", DC RID3R,you couldn't find a better source,hahahahahahaha!!!!,it only shows how desperate you are to find some bad news on the ps3
Marty8370  +   3245d ago
Neither,It Was In Uk.
It was'nt last minute publicity it was at the cos it was at the main PS3 Euro launch party.
Premonition  +   3245d ago
Why did the OP change the topic of the news?
kewlkat007  +   3245d ago
Well the way I see it, if a Pre-Order was canceled then it does not mean the user might go on and buy the actual product. Things might change, Other consoles might get his attention. Not saying thats the case but thats 20,000, so that is a lot of gamers.

They may choose to wait and while they do, Halo 3 might sneak up on ya...Ha
Plus you can't assume all those 20,000 walked into the stores.

Canceled Pre-Order = It is not a definite, guaranteed, or locked Sale of the product, regardless of earlier hype and buzz.

Well thats why I think it's negative for Sony...
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techie  +   3245d ago
sounds like you had to sit down and think about that for quite a while to come to such a speculative conclusion...
TheMART  +   3245d ago
No, he's just right on

I'll take it even further.

Those 20.000 cancelled PS3's are gamers that are uncertain about the purchase and have backed off. They might even bought a 360 now the news is coming in more and more exclusives are lost on the PS3 like DMC4 and PS3 doesn't get new IP's like Dead Rising and Lost Planet in exchange from Capcom.

Those 20.000 also could have been traders that saw at the last days/hours that there would be too much PS3's in stock and not enough demand.

It is a sign though. 20.000 cancelling is a lot. The 360 was out of demand and not these cancellations going on there
gooner  +   3245d ago
PS3 doesn't get new IP's
how many new ps3 ip's where announced for ps3 in the last few day
now how many new ones where announced for 360 i rest my case
SmokeyMcBear  +   3245d ago
ok so wait, 20,000 ps3 pre-orders were cancelled, but they still managed to sell 165,000 units.. I fail to see the negative side of this so called news. Either the orders were cancelled and the people just walked into the store and bought one, or there are 20,000 future customers.
R34GTR  +   3245d ago
For that new news contributing system to kick in. That way fanboy reporters like "the guy who submitted this" will be down to 1 submission per

Ohhh good days ahead. Finally we will get some decent balance on this site. I can read the news without the pointless fud thats poured in by this guy minute after minute.

(Thinks to self)

*I wonder if he will waste is one post on fud or Anti-PS3 Flame Articles?*

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Bathyj  +   3245d ago
What a great news story.
So 20,000 ebay scalpers didn't buy a PS3 and 20,000 gamers got to instead. Thats win/win for everyone. Except the odd clown that thought this would be constrewd as bad news.
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techie  +   3245d ago
Yuh...I fail to see this as negative. Did they cancel because they don't want a ps3? Or because they realised they had the freedom to get it whenever they want...that means there are 20,000 people who still want a ps3 that would have got it at's a good thing to spread out sales non?
Mr Murda  +   3245d ago
Or... could be 20,000 that decided to get a 360, Wii, new PC, or whatever. I don't care how YOU see it, but to everyone else it has to be a negative.
kewlkat007  +   3245d ago
Exactly what
I explained above, as it is possible and you really can't find out. Have you ever Pre-ordered something then changed your mind and went with another product?

Sure those gamers might have walk in or waited to buy on another day. you can't tell right?

But one thing we do know do know:

Canceled Pre-Order = It is not a definite, guaranteed, or locked Sale of the product.

So on the basis for what we do know, and Speaking from experience thats where I drew my speculative conclusion(after all it took 3 sec)..hehe Do you understand where I'm coming from Deep?
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techie  +   3245d ago
Let's just say this can be interpreted in a number of ways. 20,000 may have cancelled so they could buy it later because there was no shortage....this is how the article itself frames the question/answer.

Or you can see it as the demons at hand will move them accross to buy a 360 as they will be blinded as they enter the store to finally buy their ps3.

Your choice :)

"I don't care how YOU see it, but to everyone else it has to be a negative." - now now, we all interpret things differently and the only way our position is the more logical is in the evidence we provide.

Both points of view are valid and this "everyone else" you refer to doesn't include at least half of the people commenting on here.

At this moment in time the evidence we have can support either conclusion, so I feel it is wrong to imply an outright negative/positive view - more of a contented confusion would be preferable.
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Mr Murda  +   3245d ago
C'mon man. This isn't a fanboy thing, it's a news article talking about 20,000 pre-orders being canceled. This isn't a positive thing. You are entitled to your opinion and I respect that, however, don't be blinded by fanboy glasses and say this isn't that bad of news.

I'm a 360/MS fan, at the moment (I'm rooting for ALL systems but I dig the 360's games/features), but when news like this is posted about the 360 I'm not saying to myself "Great News"...instead I'm saying "that sucks, get your $h!t together MS".

I'm just talking about being "real".
trane07  +   3245d ago
10m in cancellations yet sold 165000?
I swear to god you fools will try your BEST to find some king of negatory spin and run with it. Grow the hell up. THEY ARE JUST GAMES
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Ps3007  +   3245d ago
They set the record for launches so this is pointless and uncofirmed
Just more made up garbage.
TheMART  +   3245d ago
Those 20.000 cancellations are not that important at all although it's sad. This is the worst for Sony:

"The PlayStation 2 won the last round of the console wars, selling more than 115m units globally. However, the PS3 is trailing in third in this latest battle. It has reportedly sold 1.5m units worldwide, compared with 5m Wiis and more than 10m Xbox 360s."

There we go, too much catching up to do Sony, while not selling enough in USA and too few in Japan. Europe can't make it up to play catch up with an advance of 9 million 360's over the sales of the PS3.
PureGamer  +   3245d ago
your point? Im happily playing away on my PS3 while you are on here bashing it, whats your 360 doing? i thought it was the games that counted? but instead you and many others are on here for countless hours bashing one out over sales figures which mean nothing to you.
techie  +   3245d ago
Now stands at 10million, 6million and 3million :)
spacetoilet  +   3245d ago
DC_RID3R does it again! MORE F.U.D!
Wow! This woman is THE most prolific bull$h1t poster!
DC_RID3R! Go and play your bug box. You spend half your life posting anti Sony crap. Your looking VERY sad lady!
DC RID3R  +   3245d ago
"Wow! This woman is THE most prolific bull$h1t poster!"
Look into my eye's bredrin. They are RED with anger. The fire in my eyes was the last thing sheng long saw.

Btw, when sheng saw me warming-up with my BABY cousin KIMBO he shat his drawers!!!

spacetoilet - You've been warned :]
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GaMr-  +   3245d ago
Then sooo is this one
zantetsuken  +   3245d ago
tHese BS articles never stop. BBC just confirmed the PS3 sold 600K units: "PS3 Breaks Sales Records:600K Sold in Europe"
Jamaicangmr  +   3245d ago
I pitty some of you.
Yes 600K now i bet some of you really got gut checked by that.

Anyway back on this topic. I can bet alot of those where cancelled by people who made multiple pre-orders to secure their chances and when they found out that it was in good supply cancelled the extra. am sure many are people who over reacted to the backwards compatiblity news but in the end of the day 165k oh sorry updated now 600k is still the record to beat. lol! No matter how hard you try this is still amazing.
OldSchoolGamer  +   3245d ago
Actually if you read both...
they can both be true. Its easy to spin numbers, but its not hard to read. The article we are posting on is talking about UK orders getting dumped. The second article is referring to Europe for the 600,000 units sold out of the million, and I hope they are referring to geographical Europe, and not the Sony Europe (every country but US and Japan). That is a vast number of ps3's sold and should be applauded as positive any way you look at it.

As for the 20,000 canceled orders, probably ebay scalpers who doubted a sell out and couldn't gouge gamers, this is positive news if true. If those are people going to another system, or who don't want one at all that is bad.

As for breaking records, that is good news, but should be held with a grain of salt, as its not Sony's fault they did supply right and had enough, but both other systems sold all available (its simply all they had).

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