Final Fantasy IV: The After Years is a multiplayer game

Square enix's sequel to FF4 is coming to WiiWare with four player multiplayer.

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ExcelKnight3491d ago

Like how FF2/4j allowed multiple controller input and FF3/6j allowed splitting controller input?


specialguest3491d ago

shiet! I might get the Wii just for this game. FF4 was the first RPG that got me hooked on RPG.

Obama3491d ago

I just finished ff4 on ds a while ago, but seiously..does SE have to milk the ff franchise to death?

Redempteur3491d ago (Edited 3491d ago )

Considering that the sequel never got outside japan ... and that ff4 is a great game ... i mean it's not a ff7 spin-off like the ones we got to see the past 5 years ..

I could do with a sequel of another ff if it's done well ...

SpoonyRedMage3490d ago

Awesome, I really want to play this game.

But as I've said elsewhere they should release it on the DSiware. It would be the killer app that the DSiware needs(although Mighty Flip Champs may be just that).

maxcer3490d ago

damn, i almost shat myself, the headline on my PC read "Final Fantasy IV: The After Years is a multipla". thought it was going to say "multiplatform". oh well, here's to spoonys idea for a DS version