Detuned, New PSN Exclusive Announced

Detuned is a music manipulation title set for release this summer.

Music lovers: prepare for an abstract and surreal interactive gaming experience like no other. Set the scene for your favourite music tracks by uploading them to Detuned, the game that lets you make visual accompaniments for your favourite music track.

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MAiKU3248d ago

Seems more like a interactive visualization than a game to me... Either way it's awesome and i'll def. buy this.

The only visualization i use now is the planet one.

DasBunker3248d ago

Cool.. itll be cooler if you could share your customized music videos with everybody.. atleast letting them play it one time so it doesnt become the new limewire or summin.. it would be the LBP of music lol :)

Jamegohanssj53248d ago

This game sounds Genius.


MazzingerZ3248d ago

Thanks SONY for supporting new ideas, that's what games is all about

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PirateThom3248d ago

I'm always interested in things like this.

uedasan3248d ago

Maybe this is the mean of TUNE in the playstationlifestyle`s article about the next PSP.

PSP23248d ago

whr can i preorder this

-MD-3248d ago

You want to preorder a PSN game? Nice!

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The story is too old to be commented.