New Red Steel 2 details + 3 screens

NintendoDpad shares new info on the game, and even more screens

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Product3489d ago

The game looks very good. I love how the Wii is becoming a place to do cell-shade at. Love that art style.

nintendohomie3489d ago

this really looks good. I'm interested to see what the features are like though

ChickeyCantor3489d ago

It reminds me of XIII.
Looks well done.

Carbide73489d ago

Wow, this is the best looking Wii game I've seen since SMG.

rawrockkillz3489d ago

Even though the first one had its shortcomings, I still had a lot of fun with it. This one is already looking like it is 100 times better

solidsnakus3489d ago

why is this game even being made? as proven with gta chinatown wars sales and madworld, hardcore games dont sell on the wii. i dont even think the red steel 1 sold well.

N4g_null3489d ago

Thanks for the attempt at trolling. You can move on now, wait what is that? Oh I'm sorry you want this game for the HD systems huh? Now we both know the HD systems are hardcore but they are only hardcore on realism. No games with style sell on those systems and we both know that.

So sorry... Oh yeah the first one was a flaming suicidal zombie that was fun to poke a stick at and it still sold 1 million. I mean that kind of sucks when PS3 game sell 1.5 million at the most avg wise it seems.

Why complain when you can just go and buy a Wii? You can afford an HD system so what is the problem big shot?

Maxned3489d ago (Edited 3489d ago )

Shut up you troll. Red Steel sold over a million and so did Call of Duty 5 on wii. Just as much as Killzone 2...


SinnedNogara3489d ago

Now I appreciate the bubble system.

Wii games sell slow. And Red Steel, Call of Duty 3, Call of Duty 5, Star Wars: TFU, and Resident Evil sold very well. That is why Umbrella Chronicles is getting a sequel.

Just enjoy the game and buy a Wii.

solidsnakus3489d ago

lol, im not a ps3 fanboy, the ps3 sucks ass lol. but not as much as thew wii steel was a launch game thats why it sold so much. why the hell would you want to play a shooter on a last gen console? are you retarded?? well you must be because theres no doubt in my mind that you also bought a gamecube.

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Maxned3489d ago

The game has incredible graphics, but there are two things im unhappy about..

No Blood
No Multiplayer

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