Ubisoft confirm Red Steel 2 release for Holiday 09

Thatgamingsite writes:

"Red Steel 2 was officially confirmed by Ubisoft today although many of us saw the Nintendo Power scans days ago.

What might come as a happy surprise or possibly a fear to some is that Ubisoft have confirmed that the game is due for release before the year is out. Holiday 2009 according to Ubisoft"

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pangitkqb3370d ago

The first had so much potential that it just didn't quite live up to.

raiden_933370d ago

I think I'm the only person who actaully thought the original was a good game. It had problems sure but there was a lot of potential there which the sequel 'should' capitalize on!

N4g_null3370d ago

Man you guys need to see the other pictures, very cool!

SinnedNogara3370d ago

@ raiden93

You should put up a user review (assuming you haven't already).

Ubisoft has had 2 and a half years to make a great game. If they mess up then, well it will be bad for them.

krazy14kraz3370d ago

I'm sure that this sequel will be A LOT better with updated controls, graphics etc. Should be a well done sequel.

raiden_933370d ago

Assuming that Ubisoft don't rush it again...

jimineyscrickets3370d ago

That is just how Ubisoft works. Either their stuff is really good, or they rush it and it sucks.

Elven63370d ago

Anyone thing motion plus will help this game out at all?